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Data mesh is a solution for functional organizational challenges

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Data Driven transformation at FD Media Group

Our New Hire: Meliska

Our New Hire: Ibrahim Atli

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Crystalloids relocating to new office downtown Amsterdam

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What is Embedded BI and what it will bring

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Tinyclues and Crystalloids partnership release

Predicting conversion intent part 4 - Scoring, deploying and monitoring the model

Introducing new hires Neva Su and Kevin Kriek

Passionate about tennis, interview with developer Livia Cirnu

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Passionate about photography, interview with developer Maarten van den Berg

6 Reasons for using streaming data analytics

Reaching your most valuable audiences: Predicting Conversion Intent Part 3

The single constant factor is change: our 10 predictions for 2021

Reaching your most valuable audiences: Predicting Conversion Intent Part 2

Introducing new hires developer Martin and DevOps engineer Francesco

Setting up of Customer Segmentation

Reaching your most valuable audiences: Predicting Conversion Intent

Getting more from your marketing analytics with Looker building block for GA 360

Meet Lotte, marketing analytics engineer and Andrei, lead developer

Quality assurance - How does it work?

Quality Assurance - How data quality directly affects your business

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5 things we have learned from Corona crisis

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COVID-19 update from Crystalloids

ANWB personalization case nominated for the DDMA Customer Data Award

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Crystalloids Achieves the Marketing Analytics Partner Specialization

Crystalloids: a look back on 2019

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Crystalloids named top IT Consulting Company in the Netherlands

Computer vision: today and tomorrow

This is how to create a central customer view

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Google Cloud Summit 2019 in Amsterdam was all about innovation

Turn your Facebook commerce into a powerful data source

Artificial intelligence dominated the Crystalloids Hackathon

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4 things to know about GDPR after Brexit

Working at Crystalloids: Our Computer Science Interns

Meet Marc: Crystalloids Lead Software Developer (and the longest-serving employee)

The impact of customer lifetime value on your ad spend

Artificial Intelligence - Curse or Blessing?

Looker joins Google Cloud and we are proud to be their partner

How Google ensures the safety of your data

3 reasons why your business should transfer to the cloud

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) - The ultimate overview

Google Cloud outage affected many services including Apple

5 examples of how Google Cloud helps saving our planet

Crystalloids and Google talked about advertising workflow automation

NoSQL database explained

Top 8 announcements from Google Cloud Next 2019

How Google uses artificial intelligence to transform the travel industry

Best practices in data management to become customer-centric

Google announces Stadia online gaming streaming service

The must-read 5 articles about machine learning and AI from this month

BigQuery sandbox lets you explore BQ for free

What is data transformation and why it's vital to your analytics

How cross-device tracking without customer data platform works

Build machine learning models on BigQuery ML using SQL

4 tips how to win your customers in 2019

How a data-driven approach helps you improve customer experiences

On BigQuery and machine learning workshop at Oogstonline

CES 2019: Why everyone talked about the Google Assistant

How we helped our client identify 6 million users

Crystalloids Innovations and Crystalloids announce a merger

Create beautiful things with customer data at the DDMA Data Dag 2019

How to choose the right storage solution on Google Cloud

Digital transformation is a must for every company

How to create the best retention strategy

Google Cloud is helping retailers offer personalised experiences

"To be a good software developer you need creativity."

Now you can schedule queries directly in BigQuery

Stop collecting, start analysing and become the king of data

4 big articles about big data from this month (Sept-2017)

How artificial intelligence transforms marketing

Why you should start using machine learning to grow your business

Ok Google, praat met Rituals Moments

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Google Assistant is now available in Dutch

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Google Assistant can talk to your hairdresser. And it sounds natural.

Face recognition is 99% accurate

Tip: Google's Featured Snippets blog

How will the growth of voice search effect your business

User story mapping - What we love about it

BigQuery Transfer Service - Importing your data in seconds

Tip: The Google Cloud Platform Podcast 

What's New in InsightOS - Show BigQuery Code

What's New in InsightOS - Share a View, Table or Graph

Are you are already meeting the GDPR requirements? Test it here!

4 technology trends that are already shaping the future of the travel and tourism sector

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Google Attribution 360 - Measure your whole marketing performance

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