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Rituals digital success traced back to Crystalloids in interview with AG Connect


During an interview with AG Connect magazine on their recent digital growth, CTO Bart Mudde and CDO Martijn van der Zee credited their enterprise data management platform and customer loyalty program for enabling their digital growth. 

Having worked with Rituals for 7 -years, Crystalloids knew the potential ROI for them if enterprise data was centralized in a flexible and scalable environment. In particular, it would be crucial for Rituals that their customer data could be shared between IT and marketing. 

Today, our services have enabled Rituals to leverage IT and Data with marketing to develop smarter and targeted strategy and customer campaigns while strengthening departmental collaboration. 

This collaboration–according to CDO Van der Zee during the interview with AG Connect –has been key to Rituals’ digital transformation. 

“With every digital project you have to deal with six or seven departments…they all have to run in sync…what I think has been crucial for that growth is the collaboration… And by that I mean that you can easily connect things,” Van der Zee explained during the interview. 

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Crystalloids was also behind the architecture and implementation of Rituals CRM program and data migration to GCP, which CTO Bart Mudde claims is integral to the cosmetic company’s digital growth. 

“The CRM program is one of the common threads in our collaboration…we placed all data in one system…we had to convince people of the usefulness of such a central database…and…migration of data to the cloud. It is now yielding the fruits we hoped for,” noted Mudde when speaking with AG Connect. 

Learn more about the Crystalloids services that Rituals credit for their success here and here. 

You can read the full interview between Rituals and AG Connect here.


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