Unlock Your Customer Data: CDP Seminar with Google Cloud

Event recap: Unlock the value of you customer data with a headless CDP

Recently, Google Cloud and Crystalloids organized an event focused on how custom CDPs drive the future of personalized customer experience. The main goal of the half-day-long seminar was to provide attendees with fresh insights related to the added value modern CDPs can offer as part of a first-party data strategy.  

The event began with a presentation on how a CDP can help marketing teams get more value from Google Ads. By using a CDP, marketers can collect customer data across different touchpoints and create a single view of the customer, allowing them to run marketing campaigns more effectively.

That session was followed by exploring the differences between packaged and headless CDPs and which would fit the business best. (We analysed this topic further in one of our latest blog series, which you can find here.) The entire recording is available on our YouTube channel.

The third presentation highlighted best practices in designing and operating a CDP on Google Data Cloud. These practices included amongst others utilizing real-time data processing for first-party sources, implementing comprehensive identity resolution logic that aligns with customer consent to leveraging additional data sources to enable more activation scenarios. The entire recording is also available on our YouTube channel.

The final presentation focused on how Google Cloud powers a CDP with advanced analytics and Large Language Models enabling businesses to extract insights and make informed decisions.

Overall, the event was designed to equip attendees with the knowledge and insights necessary to build and operate effective CDPs on Google Data Cloud. By the end of the event, attendees had gained a deeper understanding of the role of CDPs in enhancing marketing strategies and the importance of optimizing CDP operations to drive business growth.

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