Managed Services

Observability. Reliability. Security. Compliancy.

With around-the-clock monitoring, let your business run with confidence.

Reassurance that the platform is running properly.

Let our DevOps specialists manage your cloud infrastructure and applications, so your teams can always work in a safe and efficient environment. Using intelligence and automation, we are experts in monitoring and managing your data cloud effectively and efficiently. With our managed services, you get:

Platform observability service details

We assure trust in reporting and the integrations between the cloud and your systems. Our work in Operations Management monitors health with the following indicators:

  • Freshness: was the job delivered on time?
  • Completeness: did we receive all the expected data files?
  • Accuracy: did the data files contain the correct information?

When you trust us with Cost Management, you'll never be blindsided by spikes in billing. We flag:

  • The environment that incurred the expenses (dev, test, or prod)
  • Which Google Cloud products or resources caused the additional cost
  • The processes involved

We apply Security Management. Adopting ‘the principle of least privilege’, we handle the Identity and access management of users to sensitive information.

Managed Services

Release faster and smarter with Site Reliability Engineering

Site Reliability Engineering is a job function, a mindset, and a set of engineering practices to run reliable production systems. Google Cloud and Crystalloids help you implement SRE principles through tooling, professional services, and other resources.

  • Reap the benefits of speed, and automate end to end, from writing code to running services.
  • Align dev and ops around shared goals to go faster.
  • You can connect to the tools you love, including incident management, as you minimize toil.
  • Leverage SRE principles developed at Google and proven to work at scale.
  • Easily implement SRE best practices with Google Cloud’s Operations Suite to speed up problem resolution and improve reliability.

We will meet you where you are in your SRE journey. Drive higher software delivery, irrespective of company size and industry.

Managed Services