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Without an Enterprise Data Platform (EDP) the systems and data domains of your business remain scattered creating data and information silos. These silos prevent your teams from unlocking full data analytics and innovation potential.

With 70% of businesses migrating to a public cloud platform, an Enterprise Data Platform (EDP) on Google Cloud delivers the scalability, agility and security to integrate and modernize your information landscape.

At Crystalloids, we are experts in collecting and unifying data through APIs to deliver flexible, adaptable cloud solutions.

With quality experience architecting custom Enterprise Data Platforms (EDPs), data warehouse and data lake modernization— we keep your business competitive in today's fast-changing market.

enterprise data platform

Is an Enterprise Data Platform (EDP) right for you?

The Enterprise Data Platform on Google Cloud is right for businesses that want:

  • data as the driving force for analytics and business strategies
  • all data together -no matter the source, format, or scale
  • reduced overhead, costs in server storage, and a utilisation costs only structure
  • open integration with cutting-edge AI, BI, reporting, and custom-built solutions
  • a solid, reliable data foundation to apply Large Language Models
  • a platform tailored to your business with a focus on increasing value and efficiency
  • a flexible and scalable solution in real-time
  • to manage data as a product
  • modern data capabilities and advanced analytics to drive cutting-edge performance for a data-first strategy
enterprise data platform

Your Enterprise Data Platform is our expertise

Enterprise Data Platforms (EDP) on Google Cloud are API driven which means that they are cost-efficient for your bottom line without sacrificing the custom integrations and requirements your business needs.

As specialists in data platforms we know that no business is the same - our EDP's on Google Cloud are always built to fit your data and company needs.

Migrate with ease

With a long-year and award winning experience in architecting, implementing and maintaining data platforms on Google Cloud, let our experts turn your business into a data-driven enterprise.