Best practices in data management to become customer-centric

Best practices in data management to become customer-centric

The Rituals solution at Google Insights

Every company that is willing to become customer-centric needs to get the essential basics in its architecture and data management right. Our client Rituals Cosmetics has been a leading retail brand over the past few years in terms of annual revenue growth and customer satisfaction. And that is not only thanks to the quality of their products and excellent leadership alone.

At Google Insights Congress in March 2019, Rituals and Crystalloids together demonstrated how a robust yet flexible data management architecture has, for years, enabled Rituals Cosmetics to become extremely customer-centric. And by customer-centric, we don’t only mean the end consumer, but also the business journey of the staff who need to have actionable and reliable insights for sales, product management and finance.

The background

To become customer-centric, Rituals has been focussing on the back-end of the company, by optimising their ICT projects and big data management systems. They wanted all their data to be accessible and manageable from every touch point.

What’s more, they required their information systems to be flexible, easily adaptable to their needs, and they wanted a single customer view instead of a fragmented one. And of course, lowering the IT costs and preventing lock-in from best of breed vendors would be a nice bonus.

Best practices in data management to become customer-centric

The Solution

Crystalloids implemented the data management solution - Rituals Google Cloud. By integrating every possible data source, like Exact, Demandware, Salesforce, Selligent, GA360, Arvato and through different API’s built on the Google Cloud, Crystalloids created the company's own data management platform.

As applications, data and demands change continuously we are working closely together in an agile way adopting DevOps to deliver what the business needs. This architecture and way of working is the best practice to many nightmares of marketers, analysts, IT and the financial departments.

The Result

Rituals can now gather and store all the data information about customers and products in one place, making sure the information is available for all different touch-points in real-time.
Thanks to the program, Rituals can capture real-time customers' data from all their stores and touch-points and keep these in the Google data lake, combining on- and offline data.

Best practices in data management to become customer-centric

All data from the Customer Journey are collected and linked in the Cloud. This architecture is suggested as a place to start. 

Crystalloids is a leading Google Cloud Platform Partner in cloud-based data warehousing, big data and analytics. We integrate all possible touch points and connect the best of breed applications in a loosely coupled way.

You will find a full description of the loyalty architecture part of the Rituals Google Cloud case on our website. Note that loyalty management is just one of the many solutions made possible by the data management solution.

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