Grow your in-store sales using Google Local Inventory Ads

Grow your in-store sales using Google Local Inventory AdsIn today’s world, the e-commerce and in-store shopping are very closely related. People are researching online before doing local shopping. In fact, 80% of consumers are less likely to visit a store without knowing the product availability beforehand.

When it comes to digital ads, displaying the right product and having it available in the nearest store is the most convenient omnichannel experience that your customer is looking for. For a retailer, it can bring a significant competitive advantage, resulting in more store visits. But how to establish the most effective advertising that fits within your marketing budget?

Google Local Inventory Ads is a solution that helps shoppers identify the product and stock availability in the store near them when searching on Google. After clicking the ad, the shoppers arrive on Google local storefront where they can view the item availability, store distance from their current location or the opening hours.

Grow your in-store sales using Google Local Inventory AdsSource: Google

It is a powerful tool that helps reach the local shoppers and at the same time allowing promoting your in-store inventory online and boost your in-store sales. To set up your Google Local Inventory Ads, there are a couple of steps you need to take. 

1) Set up your accounts

  • Merchant Center
  • Google My Business Locations
  • AdWords account

2) Enable the local inventory ads program

  • Enable local inventory ads
  • Verify your About page

3) Create, register, and submit feeds

  • Create a local products feed
  • Create a local product inventory feed 
  • Register and submit local feeds
4) Request inventory verification

5) Enable local inventory ads in your Shopping campaign

We can help you set up any part of your Google Local Inventory Ads. Do not hesitate to reach out! 

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