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Crystalloids, a software development and marketing analytics engineering company announces that it has partnered with Tinyclues, a CRM Marketing Technology Company  that enables marketers to deliver on business goals through marketing that puts customers first. 

The partnership combines the engineering and analytical skills of Crystalloids, the scalability and agility of BigQuery with the deep learning capabilities of Tinyclues that scores each customer in a CRM database based on propensity to buy a specific product or offering down to the SKU level. This approach empowers CRM Marketers to deliver more campaigns, find new campaign opportunities, and drive revenue by keeping what their customers want at the forefront of their marketing strategy.

Tinyclues' unique-in-market solution uses deep learning to identify implicit signals or “tiny clues”, that predict unidentified buying intent. CRM marketers trust Tinyclues to deliver on revenue goals by putting their customers at the center of their strategy. Combined with the power of BigQuery’s data warehousing capabilities, Tinyclues’ offering will enable customers to send more targeted campaigns, elevate CRM marketing revenue, and find new revenue opportunities, offering their clients a competitive edge. This powerful targeting capability means CRM marketers can pipe segments of high-propensity customers into their activation platforms for multi-channel activation across email, digital, social SMS, and more.

Tinyclues is even more powerful when combined with the agility of BigQuery that provides a 360 degree view of clients’ 1st-party data. Data structured in BigQuery is primed to be ingested into Tinyclues’ platform enabling an even shorter runway to value. 

Richard Verhoeff, Managing Partner Crystalloids:
"Tinyclues has proven to offer strong added value to companies in retail, CPG, ecommerce and travel with a 1.000k+ customer database that rely heavily on CRM campaigns. Crystalloids have the skills to enable companies to start adopting Tinyclues without friction by leading the project and by preparing and delivering the data to the CRM platform of choice. Many marketers are turning to personalisation and automation solutions that are based on explicit triggers like cart abandonment that simply don’t account for the commercial realities marketers face."

“The reality is 90% of CRM campaigns are sent due to commercial goals,” said David Bessis, CEO, Tinyclues. “Personalisation and automation platforms simply can’t deliver on that 90%. The only way to solve that is through technology that delivers on these commercial goals through a customer-driven strategy in a privacy-first way, and Tinyclues is proud to offer that to our clients.”



Crystalloids is a boutique software development and marketing analytics engineering company founded in 2006 specialising in building Data and Analytical Platforms and Solutions using Google Cloud Platform technologies. Crystalloids integrate with any system to create a centralised decision layer to make companies well informed and predictive, supporting both the customer journeys and the business journeys. Amongst the clients are award-winning companies such as ANWB and KNVB, Rituals Cosmetics, PVH and Glanbia Sports Nutrition.


Tinyclues is a CRM Marketing Technology company that has delivered over 100,000 campaigns and has optimised campaigns on over $100B dollars in transactions. Based on more than a decade of CRM technology experience, Tinyclues has built a solution designed to empower CRM marketers to deliver on their business goals by placing their customers at the center of their marketing strategy. With technology that predicts customer buying intent for every offering in a brand’s portfolio, over 250 enterprise customers, globally, have used Tinyclues to deliver more product campaigns, find new revenue opportunities, elevate sales, and increase customer satisfaction through multi-channel CRM marketing. Tinyclues has been listed as a “Vendor to Watch” in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Digital Marketing Analytics and as a “Cool Vendor” within their Multichannel Marketing Report. G2 awarded Tinyclues the “Users Love Us” and “High-Performer Enterprise Winter and Spring 2021” certifications. Tinyclues’ EMEA headquarters is in Paris, France and U.S. headquarters is located in New York, U.S.

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