Our New Hire: Meliska

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Our new Marketing Executive: Meliska Meintjes

What's your story?

I was born and raised in South Africa. After finishing high school I had the opportunity to move to Prague where I lived for a year. During that year I made the most out of my free time and traveled all over Europe. 

In 2019 I moved to the Netherlands to start my Bachelor's degree in International Business. It was during my course that I became interested in marketing and trend watching so I started to work as a Marketing Manager at a new startup in Nijmegen. The company specialized in legal practices for ex-pats who want to work in the Netherlands. 

Being an international myself, and having had the opportunity to experience such extreme diversity in different countries, I learned a lot about integration, ethnic gaps, and how they should be filled professionally. 

The position also offered me the opportunity to deal directly with a lot of different organizations and networks. I found the way that people connect and exchange ideas, shape and build their environments and communities intriguing. 

Although it was an amazing opportunity, the company was still small, and I found myself hoping to take on a new challenge and join a bigger team; that’s why this particular role as Marketing Executive at Crystalloids appealed to me so much. 

I started at Crystalloids in November 2021. Now I have the opportunity to work alongside my studies, meet new people, both locals, and internationals, and get to know the Netherlands a bit better. 

Why did you choose Crystalloids?

After doing some research about the company I was curious about how I could contribute to an exciting, forward-thinking, and fast-moving company. As a Marketing Executive, I work directly with Jan-Hendrik Fleury to contribute to and develop integrated marketing campaigns to promote Crystalloids. 

I am responsible for preparing, executing, and organizing marketing activities such as advertising campaigns and trade fairs, and following relevant trends and developments in the marketing field. I prepare and implement the content and analytics plan following Scrum Agile principles and set up the marketing mix through all relevant channels such as newsletters, website maintenance, and content. 

Working with SCRUM in the past month has been amazing. SCRUM encourages active involvement throughout development and the transparency is therefore much higher, both around progress and of the state of the work itself, which in turn helps to ensure that expectations are effectively managed and my deadlines are met. 

With this agile development, change is accepted and expected. Often the time scale is fixed and detailed requirements emerge and evolve as the product is developed and so it is very easy to fix problems as they arise. 

I hope that I will be able to better promote our blog posts in the coming months, which would drive more traffic to our website. I also hope to directly dialogue with followers through social media efforts to express our brand voice and garner more engagement.


Crystalloids help companies improve their customer experiences and build marketing technology. Founded in 2006 in the Netherlands, Crystalloids builds crystal-clear solutions that turn customer data into information and knowledge into wisdom. As a leading Google Cloud Partner, Crystalloids combines experience in software development, data science, and marketing, making them one of a kind IT company. Using the Agile approach Crystalloids ensures that use cases show immediate value to their clients and frees their time to focus on decision making and less on programming.

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