Environmental Policy

Committed to a Sustainable Future

At Crystalloids, we understand that environmental responsibility is not just a trend; it's a necessity. As a software and IT services company, our impact might seem indirect, but we firmly believe in minimizing our environmental footprint and promoting sustainable practices throughout our operations.

Our commitment to sustainability is validated by our achievement of the EcoVadis Committed Badge, placing us among companies that prioritize and continuously improve environmental responsibility.

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We focus on three key areas:

Reduced Carbon Emissions: 

We prioritize train travel for commutes to the office, client visits and business trips. We select office spaces with energy-efficient features and encourage natural light and ventilation.

Responsible Resource Use: 

We strive for a paperless environment through digital documentation. We promote reusable containers and implement responsible waste management practices like recycling.

Sustainable IT Practices: 

Our partnership with Google Cloud allows us to leverage their commitment to sustainability and further minimize our environmental footprint. We leverage energy-efficient hardware, cloud computing solution Google Cloud, and responsible data storage practices. 

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Building a Sustainable Future, Together

Our commitment to sustainability is an ongoing journey. We continuously evaluate our practices, seeking innovative ways to minimize our environmental footprint. Transparency is key – we track our progress and share it openly, both internally and externally. This policy forms part of our broader communication plan under ISO 27001 certification, ensuring clear and regular updates.

By fostering a culture of sustainability and empowering our employees to be part of the solution, we can collectively take action to create a more sustainable future.