Crystalloids and Google talked about advertising workflow automation

Crystalloids and Google talked about advertising workflow automation

How can you save your time spent on setting up and maintaining data streams and workflows to automate and optimise your advertising? On May 9th at the Google Headquarters in Amsterdam, both Crystalloids and Google presented answers to this question to large advertisers and media agencies. Here is what they talked about.

Google Marketing Platform automation

Recent major product improvements in both the Google Marketing Platform (GMP) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) are bringing advertisers the opportunity to reduce cost, time to market and manual mistakes. These developments are also increasing advertising effectiveness and improving security.

Often we hear issues such as:
  • "The trafficking tasks I have to perform are prone to human mistakes."
  • "I spend too much time aggregating the same reports again & again."
  • "Roll out & operate across GMP products with consistency across markets & business units is very complex!"
  • "Daily campaign optimisation in DV360 leads to greater performances but the time it takes makes it too expensive."
The improvements are in the themes of collecting, workflow automation tooling, trafficking and in reporting. This combination as a whole is impressive and will reduce the average time to create a full campaign in GMP from two hours to 10 minutes if the right tools like API and SDF are being used!

Crystalloids and Google talked about advertising workflow automation
Source: Google

These are some Google Marketing Platform automation examples:
  • automated usage of first-party CRM data for display and search
  • automated deployment of advanced analytics
  • automated integration with other platforms/agencies
  • Google Merchant Center (in store inventory feed)
Crystalloids’ related services
  • Building data pipelines from first-party data to GCP and GMP and back
  • Retrieving reports from GMP products & plug them into your data visualisation tools or Google’s Data Studio

Access to all relevant data

For us, data-driven professionals, it is needless to say that having all relevant data in one place, in this case, Google’s fully managed serverless database Big Query, is imperative as a baseline to marketing effectiveness and optimising customer journeys.

You need to have the full picture of data sources such as CRM, products, orders, point of sale, GA360 or product reviews. Depending on the use case you might also want to use vehicle traffic data, weather data, sentiment data, social media data, socio-demographic and lifestyle data.

Crystalloids and Google talked about advertising workflow automationCrystalloids’ CEO Richard Verhoeff showing an example flow from data collection to advertising using bespoke CDP functionality

Workflow automation

To automate and monitor workflows around collection and transformation of data you need to have the quality basis mentioned earlier. To fuel the workflows you also might want to apply logic and machine learning techniques directly on top of BigQuery as you do not want to get the data out of the database and back in again.

When this baseline is achieved, you can make dramatic improvements in advertising effectiveness. By organising your data and optionally by applying smart algorithms and pushing this fully automated in the marketing channels, you will gain maximum results out of your advertising budget and save precious time in organising your campaigns.

Check out how Crystalloids can help you collect, transform, analyse, visualise and personalise your data using Google stack.


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