Marketing Analytics Engineer Nora: Crafting Data Science with Passion

Marketing Analytics Engineer Nora: Crafting Data Science with Passion

In a world that's all about data, Nora is a shining example. At just 23, she’s on a fascinating journey through the world of data science and analytics. Let's kick dive into Nora's story as a new valued member of the Crystalloids crew.

A Glimpse into Nora's World

Nora lives in the charming city of Alkmaar, along with her partner. Both are recent graduates, and they've embraced the joys of remote work, sharing their home with two senior cats and a bearded dragon. But what really makes Nora stand out is her endless curiosity and her commitment to continuous learning.

Marketing Analytics Engineer Nora: Crafting Data Science with Passion

Nora's university days were at VU Amsterdam, where she majored in Communication Science and minored in Media Psychology. She dug deep into how TV shows and social media shape our behavior—a field more relevant than ever in our digital age.

But her path was far from ordinary. She craved more knowledge. So, she took a leap and learned Python in her free time, launching herself into the world of data science. She dived into the complexities of online behavior and learned about machine learning. Her transition from a Communication Science graduate to a data enthusiast is quite impressive.

I've learned to program in quite a unique way. It started with live streaming on Twitch: Doing coding challenges while people in chat were giving me direction on what to do. It was a lot of fun, learning from other passionate programmers. After a while, I continued with Kaggle competitions, where I focused more on natural language processing and combining my knowledge with Media Psychology. Thanks to the community that I've built on Twitch, I found a new passion for data and programming."

Beyond the world of data and code, Nora leads an active and creative life. She's a regular at the gym, pushing her limits with challenging weights. This commitment to exceeding boundaries extends to her physical and intellectual pursuits.

In her leisure moments, Nora finds joy in video editing. Her talent shines through captivating videos created during her visit to Tokyo. It's a testament to her diverse skills and her knack for discovering beauty in the everyday.

Marketing Analytics Engineer Nora: Crafting Data Science with Passion

Choosing Crystalloids: A Bold Move

After completing her diploma, Nora made a courageous decision to transition into a more technical career. It wasn't a straightforward path, considering her background and limited technical work experience. Her journey eventually brought her to Crystalloids, where she discovered the ideal match.

“I chose Crystalloids because they had something that most companies weren't able to offer me: A challenging job and a work culture that fits with what I like.”

Despite the steep learning curve in the technical world, Nora found her footing within the dynamic marketing analytics team. She doesn't hesitate to declare them as the best team, even after just four weeks of experience. 

“I like the fact that Crystalloids offers the ability to improve my programming skills while being flexible about from what location I do so.”

The Current Endeavors: Aiming for Excellence

Nora's ongoing projects are truly impressive. She's diligently working towards attaining the Associate Cloud Engineer Certification, a clear testament to her commitment to mastering the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). 

Additionally, she's deeply involved in the internal Looker project, where she collaborates with Kevin and Polina to enhance the process of using Looker in conjunction with BigQuery and Google Ads.

While Nora might be the youngest on our team, her expertise, enthusiasm, and dedication surpass her age. She truly loves data and is an exceptional member of our Crystalloids family. 

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