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Careers Crystalloids
Careers Crystalloids
Careers Crystalloids
Careers Crystalloids
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Our 3 Step Easy Application Process

You can apply for jobs directly through our website or by email. Simply complete the job application form and upload your CV and motivation letter. Our recruitment process is typically swift, though it may take a bit longer if someone is on holiday.  You can expect an efficient and straightforward experience.

We'll review your application to see if it matches the job requirements. We'll compare the details you provided with what the job needs. If your application is a good fit, you'll be invited for an interview.

If you're selected for an interview, you'll get the chance to talk to our hiring manager. We may have a few interviews before making a final decision. We also use some pre-employment tests to help us choose the best candidate. These might include talent assessments and cognitive tests.

We offer you

Better work, happier you.

Personal growth

The possibility to develop yourself through different courses and an environment with experienced developers and data scientists who will assist you on every necessary point.

Flexible workplace

Our office is a nice and cozy space located in CIC Rotterdam, part of a dynamic business community with a fully-stocked kitchen and a vibrant atmosphere. You'll also have the flexibility to work from home or on-site with clients.

Challenging projects

Working at Crystalloids means challenging projects, working with state-of-the-art technologies for innovative clients, making a difference, and of course fun!

Not seeing the right fit?

Submit your resume and we will reach out if there's a good fit.