Business Intelligence

Democratizing insights. Delivering innovation.

Access, visualize, and take action with trusted data at the heart of your business.

Trusted, actionable information at your fingertips.

With the right Business Intelligence (BI) tools, you can harness your structured and non-structured data to improve your decision-making processes and spot new growth opportunities. Give employees, suppliers, clients and other stakeholders the information they need in real-time using the tools they love.

Never miss the opportunity to take advantage of data-based insights with tailored solutions to fit your business needs. Our Business Intelligence (BI) expertise helps organizations become data-driven enterprises, improve performance and gain competitive advantage. 

Business INtelligence Looker

Your leading Looker services partner in Europe

Not only are we Google Cloud Premier partner, we are also the most specialized Looker and Looker Studio partner in Europe.

Since 2018, our expertise with Looker has allowed our staff to properly customize and tailor the enterprise platform to our clients' Business Intelligence (BI) needs and wants. Here are some of the key customizations we have implemented within Looker:

Collect. Define. Visualize. Implement.

Through the Business Intelligence (BI) process, we help you collect, integrate, organize, and track accurate information from internal and third-party systems, and use it to obtain valuable insights.

Our Business Intelligence (BI) services allow your business to find out what happened, why it happened, and what should be done differently to achieve your strategic business goal.

While our core expertise is in building BI solutions on Google's Data Cloud, we remain agnostic in BI tooling. Our staff works with tooling such as Tableau; PowerBI; Looker.

Our priority is to deliver Business Intelligence (BI) solutions that democratize your data with easy-to-understand data summary and visualization tools, so you never miss valuable insights.

Business Intelligence (BI)

Why work with us?

We strive to apply and, if necessary, train you to work on the Scrum framework. Our teams are aimed to deliver results as soon as possible in parts, in portions, to validate these results with the business and decide on the further development of the product. The entire scope of tasks is prioritized with you so that only the most essential functions for the business are delivered in the first place and can already solve stakeholder challenges.