CES 2018 - Google Assistant is everywhere

This January, the yearly CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas took place. From January 9-12, the world’s leading tech manufacturers showed off their latest products, gadgets, and innovations. Something very noticeable was that Google, compared to the years before, was very present. Enormous Google billboards and ads were visible throughout the city, and instead of having a booth inside the convention centre, just like all the other tech companies, Google built a three story-installation in front of the building. Why this sudden change in appearance? It seemed that there was only one goal: showcasing and highlighting the Google Assistant.

The Google Assistant

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The Google building at CES showcased all the different products that use Google Assistant; smart speakers, watches, Android Auto, kitchen appliances, you name it. By bringing these devices together, they were able to give a demonstration of how everything connects, and how you could use the devices throughout the day.

Google also revealed the launch of touchscreen Assistant devices, which will be released soon in cooperation with JBL, Lenovo, LG and Sony, who will produce the different units.

According to Google, more people than ever will be using voice-activated speakers in 2018. The Google Home Mini and Amazon Echo Dot are well represented in (mostly American) homes at the moment, supporting families in their daily life, without having them to look at the screens. This month Google surveyed people who own Google Home or Amazon Echo voice-activated speakers to find out how they relate to the technology.

From these surveys, Google was able, to sum up the advantages people experience when using Google Home. Here's a summary:
  • Google Home gives users a more personal and natural relationship with technology. Many explained that it feels more natural to interact with their voice, instead of typing with your thumbs. It feels more like they are really communicating. It also feels more personal; some people even say thank you, please and sorry to their device.


  • People have the feeling they live more in the moment. A relief after the distraction most of us experience when using our screens to look up things during the day. You don't have to pull away from your conversation, get your smartphone out and ignore everything else being said anymore. Everyone can stay in the moment.


  • The assistant is easily integrated into the daily routine. This was of course already the case with our phones; alarms, calendars, route planning etc. But now, with Google Home, you can continue doing what you were doing, while asking something to the device. This means it's saving your time and gives you the possibility of multitasking.

  • A personal shopper at hand that is cheap, and always available. Where most users start using their Google Home by asking it questions to answer. The next step is to let it actually do things for you, like shopping. More and more people are getting the hang of and are now letting Google home do the groceries. It saves you so much time!

You can find the complete visualized findings here.

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