BigQuery sandbox lets you explore BQ for free

BigQuery sandbox lets you explore BQ for free

If you are collecting lots of data, then you might be interested in using Google BigQuery. This data warehouse is highly scalable, serverless and now officially available for free! BigQuery sandbox is Google's initiative to make the product ready to use by everyone without a paid subscription or entering credit card details.

What is BigQuery sandbox

Signing up to BigQuery sandbox, you get to use this powerful tool and experiment with queries on large datasets just like any other customer. Whether you are a student and want to use BQ for your thesis or a professional who wants to explore the functionalities or test integrations, you can now do so without having to worry about the financial aspect.

BigQuery sandbox lets you engage with Machine Learning and BigQuery Geospatial Information Systems as a part of this free program. Moreover, you get access to the  computing power and practice your queries on your or one of the many public datasets.


Similarly to Google Drive which offers 15GB of free space to store your files, there is a limitation in BigQuery sandbox, too. You can use up to one terabyte of query capacity per month and 10GB of free storage, which is enough to start generating insights from your datasets. Also note, there is a 60 days expiration period for all your tables and partitions. 

Google also offers a free trial of the Google Cloud Platform, but there is a difference between these two. While the BigQuery sandbox allows you can enjoy this tool for free, you are limited to this one product only. 

On the other hand, the free trial for Google Cloud Platform will cost you $300, but gives you access to the whole range of GCP products from Cloud Storage to Datastore. This way you can explore multiple tools at the same time.   

Get started

To start with BigQuery sandbox, go to BQ console and select TRY FOR FREE. You will have to create a Google account, and after filling in your details you are ready to go!


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