Crystalloids Innovations and Crystalloids announce a merger

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Crystalloids BV and Crystalloids Innovations BV jointly announce today that they are merging into one company to become a leading IT organisation focused on Google Cloud Platform and cloud marketing. Operating under the name Crystalloids, the company keeps their Dutch offices in Amsterdam and Rotterdam and is headed by the CEO Richard Verhoeff.

Crystalloids Innovations and Crystalloids announce a merger

“From the beginning, both companies were working closely together but where Crystalloids was focused on the more traditional software approach, Crystalloids Innovations was focused on innovations and the cloud. This limited our synergy,” says Quintus-Filius Grens, founder of both Crystalloids and Crystalloids Innovations and shareholder of Crystalloids Holding. “To get the most out of both organisations we had to merge the two into one innovative company with a clear focus.”

The merger will leverage each company’s particular strengths: Crystalloids' expertise in predictive marketing and data engineering and Crystalloids Innovations' know-how in software development and machine learning using the Google Cloud. The new Crystalloids will help companies to create better customer experiences and build marketing technology so that their business life can be less about programming and more about decision making.

"The idea of Crystalloids Innovations now (re)defines our view on technology, process and people in a successful engagement with our vast and long-lasting customer base. Bright, shining empowerment from within," says Jan Willemsen, co-founder of Crystalloids and shareholder Crystalloids Holding. "Hopefully new Innovations will cross our path over and over again, in order to stay in touch with the ever-evolving world of marketing engineering for the benefit of our clients. It’s great when a plan comes together. I love it." he continues.

“Lesson learned: sharing, attention and focus are needed to let something grow,” says Richard Verhoeff, the founder of Crystalloids Innovations. “Crystalloids Innovations would not have been so successful if, at one hand, we had not share the name, knowledge and values it stands for and, on the other hand, the possibility to focus and have full attention on the goals of (Crystalloids) innovations.”

The combination of these two companies creates an organisation with the necessary expertise, scale and financial strength for the future. This transaction accelerates the visions of both parties to deliver technology that helps businesses become data-driven and enables them to make better use of their time, money and workloads.

About Crystalloids (2006 - 2018):

Founded in 2006, Crystalloids helps customers become customer-centric, data-driven, predictive enterprises where decisions are optimised using all data and predictive insights. In your predictive enterprise, all your employees have access to all the data to enable them to make better and smarter decisions. These insights can be used for optimisation of marketing and e-commerce management such as personalisation, omnichannel, loyalty, ROI management and predictive marketing like next best actions and offers.

About Crystalloids Innovations (2010 - 2018):

In 2010 Crystalloids Innovations was founded on the idea of developing a digital, noOps application that offers real-time insights into customer data - InsightOS. In the years to come Crystalloids Innovations developed itself into a valued company, building cloud-based solutions that can analyse massive amounts of data in seconds to improve the profitability of companies. These solutions are based on Google Cloud Platform like Google App Engine, Google BigQuery and Google Machine Learning and are focused on companies in hospitality, leisure and retail.

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