When you want your customers to become fans…

…thinking Big is not enough

  • Big Data

    We create order in your customer data, across all touch points, products and services, to give you a 360-degree view of every customer as a basis to drive your marketing decisions.

  • Bigger Insights

    Our data scientists help you to find relevant, predictive insights into customer behaviour. Using intelligent algorithms they find the answers to your business questions in your own data.

  • Biggest Results

    We use the insights we find to automate the next best offer or next best action for your customer during his or her journey across every touchpoint, transforming your customers into fans.

About us

In this digital era, you have so much customer data to your disposal, how do you use that data to really understand your customers and optimize the customer dialog? To give every customer the best possible offer across all touch points, and keep them from switching supplier or going for a competitor’s offer?


Crystalloids has been helping companies to improve their customer dialog for over twenty years. Our huge experience in this field helps us to solve even the most complex problems in the area of big data, predictive analytics and marketing automation. Our consultants combine marketing knowledge with in-depth knowledge of big data, predictive modeling and IT system integration, to help you in every aspect of implementing an automated customer dialog.

Solutions: How can we help you?
  • We bring together relevant data from internal and external systems, touch points and databases, to create one golden set of customer data.

  • Any customer behaviour can be predicted using the right data, algorithms and advanced analytics techniques.

  • Prediction outcomes are only valuable when they are seamlessly embedded in your enterprise processes. We can help automate your next best actions.

Who we work for:
Marketing operations: Crystalloids to the rescue
  • Run your campaigns on our infrastructure; we worry about the technology so you can focus on the marketing.

  • We can provide on-site knowledge and support to help you run your database marketing campaigns and analytics.

  • When your marketing dreams are bigger than your marketing capacity, outsource everything but your creativity.

Cases: The added value of Crystalloids
  • Personalized communications with football fans

    Big data helps KNVB to gain extensive insights into the wishes and needs of football fans. This enables smart communications and offers partners information to reach relevant audiences.

  • Analysis that trigger customer contact

    Bases on advanced analytics of all customer interactions, Manutan implemented smart and automated triggers to create an optimal dialogue with customers.

  • Trigger based campaigns in online gaming

    Learn how customer analytics help Fairplay Online to choose the online channels that give the highest returns and tailor communication to specific segments.

  • Attribution modelling at Conrad

    Europe’s largest webshop for electronics, technology and gadgets, uses attribution modeling to calculate the added value of each marketing channel.

  • Omni-channel marketing in Banking

    Regardless if a customer interacts with the website, the service center or an ATM, this bank’s communication is always consistent and personal.

  • Personalised communication in Retail

    By implementing automated segmented and event driven marketing campaigns this retailer increased conversion rates while cutting costs.

  • Attribution modelling in Retail

    Our attribution model helps this retailer to track each order back to it’s original online channel and allocate marketing budgets much more effective.

Ebook: Offer Personalization to Increase Sales

Relevant offers lead to higher click and conversion rates. Moreover, customers will have a better reading experience because they don’t have to search through dozens of products in order to find what they are most interested in. This ebook gives you an introduction to personalization, which aims to serve customers personalized offers specifically tailored to their needs and interests to positively influence their behaviour.

Blog: what makes us tick
News: what keeps us moving forward
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  • We are proud to announce that Clutch, has recognized Crystalloids as the worldwide leader in Marketing Automation consultancy.

  • Do you want to know how Albert Heijn and the Dutch Soccer Association use data to do relevant promotions and to improve the dialogue?

  • Wouldn’t it be great if you could predict the behaviour of your clients? Follow our 2-day training programme. Tailor-made for your organisation.

  • 5 May is Liberation Day, but it is also our 10-year anniversary! It can’t get any better!

  • We're proud to announce that independent research agency Clutch recognised us as Top Marketing Automation Consultants again in 2015 and 2016.

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