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You have so much customer data at your disposal. How do you organise and use that data so you can really understand your customers and optimise their experience? How do you give every customer the best possible offer across all touchpoints and keep them from switching suppliers or going for a competitor’s offer?


We have been helping companies improve their customer engagements for over twenty years. We combine our marketing, sales and e-commerce knowledge with in-depth knowledge of creating your 360° customer view, offering you eye-opening insights based on scalable machine learning and optimising customer engagements in real-time, transforming your customers into fans.


Our experience, knowledge and creativity guarantee that we always cross the finish line, even in the most complex marketing environments. We make sure it works. Ask our customers!

Customer centricity is the issue. The Cloud is the solution.

The cloud is the heart of our business, to an increasing extent, as we build and run great solutions on it. Our award-winning cases will bring you the agility, scalability and cost-effectiveness that you need to become customer-centric and get you ready for the future. We offer you state of the art, Big Data marketing and Analytics solutions built on Google Cloud Platform and AWS using our DataOps methodology. We implement Marketing & Sales and eCommerce solutions on top of it for omnichannel integration, conversational experience, personalisation, mobile marketing and a 360° customer view.


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DataOps is our proven methodology that makes you a customer-centric, data-driven, predictive enterprise, where decisions are optimised using all data and predictive insights. A DataOps team is a multidisciplinary, self-organising team that covers the whole chain from data ingestion to delivering actionable insights to drive your commercial decisions. What makes a DataOps team unique is that demand and supply are on one team, and that the team decides what has the highest priority and should be developed first . It’s a matter of bringing people, process and technology together!

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  • Fact-based marketing in e-commerce

    Since its establishment in 1995, Body & Fit has grown into a leading e-commerce player in the Benelux, Germany and France when it comes to sports nutrition, nutritional supplements and diet products. Via its webshop, the company offers one of […]

  • Personalized communications with football fans

    Big data helps KNVB to gain extensive insights into the needs of football fans. This enables smart communications and offers partners information to reach relevant audiences.

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    Bases on advanced analytics of all customer interactions, Manutan implemented smart and automated triggers to create an optimal dialogue with customers.

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    Learn how customer analytics help Fairplay Online to choose the online channels that give the highest returns and tailor communication to specific segments.

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    Europe’s largest webshop for electronics, technology and gadgets, uses attribution modeling to calculate the added value of each marketing channel.

  • Omni-channel marketing in Banking

    Regardless if a customer interacts with the website, the service center or an ATM, this bank’s communication is always consistent and personal.

  • Personalised communication in Retail

    By implementing automated segmented and event driven marketing campaigns this retailer increased conversion rates while cutting costs.

  • Attribution modelling in Retail

    Our attribution model helps this retailer to track each order back to it’s original online channel and allocate marketing budgets much more effective.

Ebook: Offer Personalization to Increase Sales

Relevant offers lead to higher click and conversion rates. Moreover, customers will have a better reading experience because they don’t have to search through dozens of products in order to find what they are most interested in. This ebook gives you an introduction to personalization, which aims to serve customers personalized offers specifically tailored to their needs and interests to positively influence their behaviour.

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