Google Attribution 360 - Measure your whole marketing performance

As we all know, marketing has changed over the past years. Marketers use more and more different channels, both on- and offline, for their marketing campaigns. This trend brings lots of advantages, for example, the ability to reach an audience at more different touchpoints within the customer journey.

But, of course, there's always a downside about everything. In this case, it's the measuring of the marketing performance which can drive marketers crazy.

A few questions you might have as a cross-channel marketer;

  • What do people search for, after they see my ad on television?
  • How does the weather or the local economy influence my marketing performance?
  • How does my offline marketing impacts online conversions? And digital marketing my offline sales?
  • How can I efficiently compare the effect of every touchpoint within the customer journey?

Answering these questions can be difficult and time-consuming, primarily when you are still working with last-click models and channel-by-channel thinking methods.

As a cross-channel marketer operating in 2017, it's essential to have a panoramic view on your marketing efforts, so you can optimize advertisement spent and divide your budget wisely over your different marketing channels, improving your return on investment as a result.

Google Attribution 360 will make this possible. The platform, which is in beta version right now, will be officially launched in March 2018.


Google Attribution 360 gives you the ability to measure, compare and optimize your marketing performance on different channels. It has three different capabilities:

  1. Digital Attribution - Gives a modeling solution that includes every touchpoint on the customer journey. It gives you a way to optimize your digital marketing mix in one solution.
  2. Marketing Mix Modeling - Adds offline channels such as radio and print advertising to the digital mix for an overall, complete view. On top of this, it gives insight into how your business might be impacted by outside conditions like weather and economics.
  3. TV Attribution - Gives insights into the impact of television ads have on sales by combining ad airings data with digital search data and website traffic data for analysis

The combination of these three different capabilities gives you countless new possibilities to optimize your marketing strategy.

How does it work?

The data from all the different sources, like for example TV Ads, search behavior and website traffic, is run through a machine learning algorithm. As a result, you can see how your marketing efforts at one source, for example, your tv ad, influences the search behavior of the audience that just saw the ad.


We listed some of the benefits of Google Attribution 360;

  • It's possible to effortlessly integrate other Google Products like Double Click and Analytics 360 which simplifies the challenge of importing your data and give you insights faster.
  • It's part of the most widely used analytics platform in the world which makes GA 360 the only enterprise attribution modeling platform with native connections to your Google performance and advertising data.
  • You can choose between viewing your performance as a whole, or zoom into detailed views of channels and campaigns.
  • It gives you the possibility to improve your return on marketing investment for cross-channel campaigns.

And there are plenty more. You can read more about Google Attribution here.

Are you interested in Google Attribution 360 and maybe even want to take this a step further? We are here to help you implement a data management platform in the Cloud, integrating all your data sources for an even more panoramic view on your data. See our cases to read more about this. 




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