What is Google Cloud?

What is Google Cloud?

7 Cloud products with 1 billion users

Google Cloud is an advanced technology infrastructure that enables companies to grow their digital strategies and helps them do their business better. Working with Google Cloud means that you can securely access your data from everywhere, increase collaboration and productivity and turn your data into an advantage. It enables you to connect all ecosystems and run new applications faster and more cost-effective than before.

Google Cloud Platform
Google Cloud Platform

Experienced Google Cloud Partner

We believe cloud computing offers not simply cost savings, but a huge potential to grow your business. You need a different kind of partner who understands how to grow your business with cloud. We aspire to be that partner - your partner for growth.

We have been Google Cloud partner since 2011. On Google I/O 2012 Google launched BigQuery together with Crystalloids and CenterParcs as their launching case study. As trusted tester we help Google develop BigQuery, prediction API and Data Pipeline.

Why Google Cloud?

Google Cloud covers the full scope of Cloud Computing. No matter what piece of the IT you care about, we can meet you where you are and help you grow with Google.

More secure by design

Multiple layers of defence with end-to-end security from infrastructure to endpoint.

Leading AI and Machine Learning

AI and ML capabilities are embedded everywhere across Google Cloud.

Open and multi-cloud commitment

Hybrid cloud. Multi-cloud. On premises. However you are working today Google can meet you where you are and help you grow.

Productivity & Collaboration

More than 1.4 billion apps users and more than 4 million paying business use G Suite.

5 Key Product Categories

We see the need to deliver cloud computing in all these product areas - and have the technology infrastructure to support this.

  • Make teams productive / team apps, mobility and devices
  • Grow ecosystems of partners / connected business platforms
  • Build and run apps / app development and management
  • Turn your data into advantage / data analytics & ML
  • Optimise IT operations / infrastructure, storage and network
Google CLoud Platform
Google Cloud

Industry leading products

  • Networking - the world’s largest software-defined network
  • Cloud Storage - most economical and highest performance option across all storage classes
  • Compute Engine - flexible, reliable, economical compute on demand
  • App Engine - the industry leading platform as a service
  • Container engine- the easiest way to build and deploy container-based applications
  • BigQuery - data warehouse in the cloud with unsurpassed scale and performance
  • Dataflow - combines batch and streaming data for real time insights
  • Machine Learning - for predictive, insightful analytics at scale
Google’s business ready APIs (Maps, Vision, etc.) - from data APIs to ML APIs
  • Apigee : platform to connect internal APIs and external business services
  • Orbitera - marketplace for cloud services
  • Team - G Suite - intelligent apps designed to make businesses more connected and help teams maximize their creative output
  • Mobility & Devices - Android & Chrome 

Addressing the challenges that your business is facing right now and helping you grow.

Google CLoud Platform

We are specialised Google Cloud Partner 

Secure your data, gain real-time insights, boost productivity, and more. Discover the Google Cloud Platform.

Google Cloud
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