How we helped our client identify 6 million users

by Veronika Schipper, on Jan 4, 2019 3:47:38 PM

Personalisation matters

Segmentation and personalisation are becoming widely used terms in e-tail nowadays. Consumers want to see offers that are relevant to them when they are searching for a certain product or service and companies want to be able to provide that message to them. Sounds like an easy formula, doesn't it? So how come many businesses are not yet able to achieve it? 

The answer is simple. The whole process is technically challenging and, depending on the amount of data, also costly. That is why many organizations choose to go the other, easy way and create mass offers for their audience or, in better cases, segments, and hope it will generate enough revenue to reach their targets. Luckily for us and for the consumers, there are organisations that want to innovate, invest and improve their communication with their customers.

How we helped our client identify 6 million users


Merging existing users with web data in real-time

One of those innovative companies is a travel operator and a well-trusted Crystalloids' client that asked us to help them identify user information from their web data.

"Being in the cloud, the client already had lots of structured customer data. In total, their database contained 1 million customers that registered themselves either via their booking system, requested a brochure or had a subscription," says Will Rulof, the product owner from Crystalloids.

"Next to that, the (client's) website generates lots of traffic which might or might not come from the same registered customer. To be able to identify the users joining from the web, we had to merge all the data using cookie and email as the key identification." he continues.

Here is a graphic representation of the pipeline/process

How we helped our client identify 6 million users

Beata Blaszkowska, our software developer, explains: "This project took us two months to complete. The biggest challenge was to merge all the data in real time taking into account all the existing data the client had."

"After completing the project, we could identify 6 million new users in the database, which is a fantastic result," summarises Wil. The client is now able to see all the users in Google BigQuery and Data Store for further segmentation and analysis purposes.

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