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The Full Data Journey

All of our services are in Data, Decision Making and Customer Engagement. From every angle, we can help you innovate, grow and become a more customer-centric organisation using Google Cloud. Our award-winning cases will bring you the agility, scalability and cost-effectiveness that you need to become customer-centric and get you ready for the future. We offer you state of the art Big Data marketing and analytics solutions built on the Google Cloud Platform. We implement Marketing & Sales and eCommerce solutions on top of it for omni-channel integration, conversational experience, personalisation, mobile marketing and a 360° customer view.

Cloud for Marketing

Use the power of both Google Cloud Platform and Google Marketing Platform to unlock value from first-party data and optimise your marketing.

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Collect Data

Consolidating your data in one central location is the first step to getting better insights. No matter where your data is stored, we help you collect it. 

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Transform Data

Exploring, cleaning and preparing structured and unstructured data for analysis or training machine-learning models.

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Analyse Data

Data analytics provides insights that can help you drive better business decisions. Discover what is happening in your business and why.

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Visualise Data

View insights from your data in data platforms with actionable dashboards suitable for stakeholders with limited technical knowledge.

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Personalise Data

Discover what kind of marketing decisions will become possible after having all data stored in one central location.

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Data Journey


We are a team of qualified data specialists that help organisations innovate and grow their business.


We work with the Scrum methodology which we believe is the best way to deliver working software to our stakeholders. 


We apply cutting-edge Google Cloud technology to help you on every step of your data-driven journey. 

Solutions for your challenges

Faster insights with data

We build and migrate data warehouses, we do customer analytics and real-time viewing. We help you with sales and promo effectiveness and democratizing data within your company.

Predictions with artificial intelligence

We optimise ad spend and assortments, we forecast trends and we make your contact centre more intelligent.

Dynamic customer experiences

We personalise your engagements, create loyalty solutions and improve your conversational commerce with Google Assistant. 

Central customer view

We create a central source of truth, connect online, offline and events (clicks and impressions) to user information. We manage multiple data models and sources enabling streaming, storage, and enrichment of data.


With unified data, you can achieve unified messaging and the data warehouse supports the coordination of that delivery with automation and business logic of other applications. We make data sources streaming via tokenizing and implementing statistical process controls.


Your data needs to be available in real time and on demand to any vendor in your ecosystem. As users demand more cross-device experiences, the speed of data availability is critical.

Vendor neutrality

A modern data warehouse is a core for a vendor-agnostic approach. It allows users to choose the best solutions for their business needs. The data warehouse ability to fully integrate your data with current and future vendors gives you unprecedented flexibility with your technology.

Featured Work

Data Management & Customer Loyalty Program


Data Management & Customer Loyalty Program

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Sandaya opened five new campsites after having implemented InsightOS Booking and Arrival Viewer.


Sandaya opened five new campsites after having implemented InsightOS Booking and Arrival Viewer.

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Trigger-based marketing campaigns in online gaming

Fairplay Online

Trigger-based marketing campaigns in online gaming

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