Crystalloids Customer Cases

Customer Cases

Our customers value us for delivering on time and within budget. We always implement solutions in small steps, where every step in the project delivers a real business value. No matter the complexity, we always make it work. 
Rituals Crystalloids


Customer data platform and loyalty program in retail

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E-commerce transformation with smart data analytics and integrations

Body & Fit

A central point of truth in e-commerce with unified and democratized data.

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ANWB Personalised propositions through every touchpoint


Personalised propositions through every touchpoint.

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Data warehouse, real-time website personalisation, InsightOS.


Data warehouse, real-time website personalisation and data analytics platform InsightOS.

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AVROTROS Crystalloids


Now the data consumers are having insights in the performance of television shows, radio shows, online shows, 8 sites, 2 apps and over 100 social media accounts. 

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A smart search engine that helps visitors easily find an architect project


A smart search engine Archy that helps visitors easily find an architect project.

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KNVB Crystalloids


Personalized communications with football fans. A 360° view of football players, fans and volunteers.

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Intergamma Crystalloids


Intergamma uses machine learning to boost their on-site search keywords.

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Precision targeting, ease of activation, and insights with Google Cloud Platform and Google Marketing Platform

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Sandaya Crystalloids


Sandaya opened five new campsites after having implemented InsightOS Booking and Arrival Viewer.

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Suncamp Holidays

Suncamp Holidays

Suncamp Holidays can make faster business decisions using InsightOS and Google Cloud Platform.

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