Rituals: Transforming the Customer Experience with Customer Loyalty Program

Rituals: Transforming the Customer Experience with CloudLoyalty by Crystalloids

The customer loyalty program, CloudLoyalty by Crystalloids, has empowered Rituals to optimize inventory, target customers better, and deliver personalized experiences for satisfaction, loyalty, and success.

Rituals: Transforming the Customer Experience with Customer Loyalty Program


The Challenge

Rituals faced the challenge of effectively managing customer loyalty and enhancing their overall customer experience. They needed a solution that could streamline the customer journey, capture real-time customer data from multiple touchpoints, and integrate it into a centralized system. The goal was to leverage this data to personalize interactions, drive customer satisfaction, and foster long-term loyalty. Rituals sought a comprehensive customer loyalty program that could address these challenges and provide a seamless and engaging experience for their customers.

The Solution

The Customer Journey

Potential new customers can enroll in the customer loyalty program either in-store or online. By providing their information and confirming via email, they receive a unique customer token—a digital barcode that can be scanned using the Rituals app at every point of sale. This registration marks their official membership in the Rituals customer loyalty program.

With each purchase, customers utilize their token and receive a loyalty email containing a digital receipt and loyalty points. Rituals leverages this opportunity to engage with customers through personalized communication via online and mobile platforms. These interactions are tailored based on the customer's past behavior, delivering relevant recommendations and enhancing their shopping experience.

Centralizing all customer data in one place empowers Rituals' customer service to provide exceptional assistance to loyal members.

The Business Journey

Immediately after a customer signs up for the loyalty program, customer information is promptly processed and distributed to the Google Cloud, leveraging Google Cloud Datastore and Google BigQuery. This enables real-time access to the data, either for direct presentation in the frontend or for ad-hoc analysis.

Through various APIs, the collected information seamlessly integrates with different touchpoints, including store scanners, computers, tablets, phones, and Rituals' production server. This integration ensures constant access to up-to-date customer and product information.

By leveraging BigQuery, Rituals' internal engineers and data scientists can conduct comprehensive product and customer analysis, benefiting from features such as dashboards, predictions, data exploration search bars, and business intelligence tools like ClickQ and Tableau.

Within Rituals' Google Cloud infrastructure, customer identities with multiple accounts or loyalty cards are linked together. This consolidation enables accurate analytics even when customers register with different email addresses or utilize multiple customer loyalty cards.

The Result

By implementing an effective and well-executed customer loyalty program - CloudLoyalty, Rituals has experienced significant growth in loyal members year after year since 2018. The program has enabled Rituals to gather and store comprehensive customer and product data in a unified and real-time manner, ensuring that all relevant information is accessible across various touchpoints.

To create a single view of the customer, Crystalloids implemented a customer loyalty program at Rituals. Being part of the program, the customers receive a free welcome gift, free online shipping, inspirational emails, personal surprises, and a gift with every purchase.

Thanks to the customer loyalty program, Rituals can capture real-time customer data from all their stores and touch-points, keep them in the Google data lake, and combine offline customer data. This is currently active in 14 countries!

The Google Cloud Platform, combined with the customer loyalty program, gives Rituals a way to do better product & customer analyses. It gives them a way to optimize their stock inventory and helps them to improve the customers' targeting.

About Rituals

Founded in 2000 by Dutch CEO Raymond Cloosterman, cosmetic brand Rituals has grown excessively; from one store in the Kalverstraat in Amsterdam to more than 800 stores, 1500 shop-in-shops, and four urban wellness centers in 27 countries all over the world. Rituals has expanded into the U.S., Asia, and other territories and continues to compete with more well-established brands, so delivering a superior shopping experience is vital. The company has evolved into an omnichannel retailer with significant online sales, and its results speak for themselves.

The retail company offers a combination of home and body cosmetics in their stores and on their website rituals.com. Rituals unite advanced technology with ancient far Eastern rituals to present a range of affordably priced products that turn everyday routines like bathing and shaving into meaningful rituals

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