Body&Fit: A central point of truth with unified and democratized data

Body&Fit Leverages Cloud Technology for Personalized Growth

Body&Fit partnered with Crystalloids to leverage Google Cloud for a comprehensive data-driven solution, positioning them for personalized growth in eCommerce.

Body&Fit- A central point of truth with unified and democratized data

The Challenge

Body & Fit wanted to create a best-in-class eCommerce platform which they could easily expand to new countries and other Glanbia brands. To achieve this, they aimed to address the following challenges:

  • Scalability: Their existing eCommerce platform was not scalable enough to meet their growing business needs.
  • System integration: They had fragmented data sources across different brands, making it difficult to analyze collective performance or gain holistic insights.
  • Data-driven decision making: Their lack of consolidated and coherent data made it difficult to make data-driven decisions.
  • Customer service: Customer service representatives lacked real-time access to customer transaction data and performance metrics, hampering effective service delivery.
  • Personalized customer experience: Customers were missing out on products they're interested in due to a lack of notifications when products are restocked, and the company was unable to incentivize and track customer referrals, potentially missing out on new customer acquisition opportunities.

The Solution

To achieve personalized growth, Body & Fit partnered with Crystalloids, leveraging Google Cloud for a comprehensive solution.

Centralizing Data and Enhancing Customer Experiences

Body & Fit's transformation began with data centralization through a Customer Data Platform (CDP). This acted as a single source of truth, facilitating customer journey tracking, process automation, and an improved customer experience. Google Cloud's scalability and efficiency were crucial for a lean tech team.

We introduced ContactAPI, allowing seamless customer identification across systems. Real-time data consistency was ensured by queuing data from various sources with Pub/Sub. Cloud Dataflow enabled efficient data processing, while BigQuery empowered real-time analysis.

Reporting tools like Tableau, InsightOS, and Google Data Studio provided insights and monitoring. Google Recommendations AI enhanced customer experiences by dynamically adjusting product offerings based on behavior.

Consolidating Data and Multifaceted Integrations

We consolidated data from Glanbia brands using Cloud Dataflow for near-real-time analytics. Third-party integrations included package tracking for LevelUp and support for Customer Service with data insights. Integration with Amazon, dynamic pricing, advertising support, Google Reviews, BackInStock alerts, and a robust referral program further enriched their capabilities.

Our solution centralized data, streamlined operations, and empowered data-driven decisions. It's a transformative journey that positions Body & Fit for personalized growth in the eCommerce landscape.

The Result

With the help of Google Cloud and Crystalloids, Body&Fit has achieved remarkable results in their digital transformation journey.

Centralized Data for Better Insights

They now have a central hub for data that helps them understand customers and transactions better. This means they can make smarter decisions, personalize experiences, and improve their marketing.

Democratized Data Analytics

Teams across the company can quickly generate reports and get valuable insights. This makes decision-making faster and encourages teamwork and knowledge sharing.

Scalability and Personalization

Their new system can grow as they do, making it easy to expand and offer customers personalized recommendations based on their behavior.

Streamlined Operations and Customer Service

They now have quick access to all their data, which helps them adapt to market changes, improve advertising, and offer better customer service.

In summary, Body & Fit's partnership with Crystalloids and Google Cloud has not only solved their problems but has also set them up for growth, efficiency, and success in eCommerce.

About Body&Fit

Body & Fit is a leading sports, nutrition and wellbeing eCommerce specialist. Since its establishment, the company developed comprehensive e-tail operations across Benelux, Germany, France, UK. With more than 3,000 products from 300 top brands, including its strong house brand, the company receives more than two million orders a year.

In 2017 Body & Fit became part of Glanbia, the world’s largest sports nutrition company bringing a strong brand and significant knowledge of the industry and eCommerce retailing for other Glanbia brands to adopt.

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We need to collect data, store it, and use it both to create reports and get the insights to drive customers to our platform. Google Cloud offers technology to support that whole process, while its excellent scalability provides us with a big advantage.”
Fritjof Haalboom

Head of Technology, Body & Fit