Premium global fashion and lifestyle ecommerce brand

Unleashing the Power of Customer Data Platform for Precision Targeting and Seamless Activation

Customer Data Platform boosted the client's eCommerce success with precise targeting, automated bid optimization, and remarkable profitability growth.

Premium global fashion and lifestyle brand

The Challenge

The client faced a number of challenges in achieving their goals of customer acquisition, growth, and long-term value. Their customer data was scattered across multiple systems, making it difficult to get a complete view of their customers and create personalized marketing experiences. They also needed help implementing AI and machine learning to automate and scale their marketing campaigns, optimizing their paid search bidding, and centralizing their performance measurement across channels.

Customer data fragmentation and a lack of AI and machine learning capabilities were the client's biggest challenges. They needed help integrating their data into a single platform, automating and scaling their campaigns, optimizing their paid search bidding, and centralizing their performance measurement.

Without a unified view of their customers, the client struggled to create personalized marketing experiences. They needed help implementing AI and machine learning to segment their customers, identify their needs, and deliver relevant messaging.

The client's investment in paid search required careful bidding strategy optimization to improve ROAS. They needed help using data and machine learning to identify the optimal bid amount for each keyword and ad group.

Finally, the client needed a centralized performance measurement solution to track their results across all channels and identify areas for improvement. They needed help implementing a solution that would provide a clear view of their overall marketing ROI.

The Goal

  • Strategic view of the customer by anticipating their needs and interests, leveraging insights to determine focus areas, assigning the right value to each stage of the marketing funnel, and optimizing expenditure
  • Precision targeting by implementing AI and machine learning for creating optimized audiences for targeting in real-time, with the ability to automate and scale
  • Implement these audiences seamlessly across multiple channels and centralize performance measurement

The Solution

The Company Marketing Cloud integrates product, order, browsing, and advertising data from multiple sources, including Salesforce, Meta, TikTok, and Microsoft advertising, into Google Marketing Platform (GMP). This unified view of customer data is used to power precise targeting, seamless automation, and advanced analysis, including profit-based Smart Bidding and propensity models. 

Profit-based Smart Bidding:

Crystalloids calculates conversion profitability in BigQuery and uses Google Cloud Functions to optimize bids in real-time for Google Ads. This ensures that the platform is focused on acquiring high-quality customers who are more likely to convert.

Premium global fashion and lifestyle brand

Configuring the solution, Crystalloids calculates conversion profitability in BigQuery and utilizes Google Cloud Functions to optimize bids in real-time for Google Ads, with easy expansion to new markets and brands.

Premium global fashion and lifestyle brand

Propensity Models:

Propensity models, created in BigQuery using BigQuery ML, predict visitor engagement, intent to purchase, and purchase value. These models are scored in near real-time and used to create specific audiences for targeted Search and Display initiatives.


The entire solution is automated, including:

  • Re-training models weekly on the latest session data
  • Comparing the model quality to previous models
  • Deploying models if acceptable and sending an alert otherwise
  • Monitoring model scoring performance and statistical controls
  • Monitoring scoring distributions (high/medium/low or 5% increments)
  • Comparing predictions with actuals (after 15 days)

This automation frees up marketers to focus on more strategic initiatives, while client' GCP Marketing Cloud ensures that their campaigns are always running at peak performance.

The Result

By combining Google Marketing Cloud (GMC) and Customer Data Platform (CDP) our clients could:

  • Optimize and deploy advanced data-driven marketing strategies: The unified view of customer data from GMC and CDP enables the creation of highly targeted audiences and the use of sophisticated machine learning algorithms to optimize campaigns.
  • Seamlessly monitor and measure campaigns: The solution provides a single platform for tracking campaign performance across all channels and devices.
  • Rapidly test and learn: The solution's automated workflows make it easy to experiment with different strategies and quickly identify what works best.
  • Expand into new markets: The solution's scalability and flexibility make it easy to adapt to new markets and customer segments.
  • Deploy strategies for customer growth and enhanced profitability: The solution's insights and recommendations help clients to develop and implement strategies that drive long-term growth and profitability.
  • Adapt swiftly and capitalize on valuable insights: The solution's ease of configuration and continuous improvement capabilities allow clients to quickly adapt to changing market conditions and capitalize on new opportunities.

About our client

One of the largest and most admired fashion and lifestyle companies in the world. The company operates within the online direct-to-consumer and retail business in EMEA. A strategic goal of the group is to put the customer at the heart of the business using the latest technology and data innovations to create the best customer experience. Their focus is to develop cutting-edge strategies around customer centricity, using advanced tools to drive customer growth with a long-term focus on value. 

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