Data Strategy Workshop 

Learn how to use data to drive business results

Data is seen as a critical business asset and strategic differentiator.

Our workshop aims to help organizations set up a data strategy to drive their business results in a structured way. There is an organizational and a technical track consisting of 6 streams.

The workshops will consist of a free inspirational and paid part where participants learn how to set up a complete data strategy and implement it in their organization.

Suppose you want to become a data-driven company; you need to be able to make intelligent decisions based on data and be able to execute these decisions. There are several elements to take into consideration. For that, we have developed a framework that gives direction.

This workshop will help demystify data strategy and provide concrete and practical ways to get you started.

Our 2 step approach

Step 1: Our free offer

We offer you a free of charge 2-hour workshop to learn about your situation. You will learn more about:

  • The alignment of your business strategy with data strategy
  • The proposed future state of data in your company
  • The current data maturity level of data within your organization

We will assess your situation based on the following six elements:

Next, we carry out a maturity scan to decide the maturity level of your organization. Depending on your situation, we can have a look at topics such as:

Business case
Define data- and customer-driven use cases 
Draft a business case

Data collection and customer profiles
GDPR-compliant data collection
Setting up consent with a proper 'value exchange' with the customer

Data sources
Prioritizing data sources
Possibilities of third-party data such as Google Search Trends

Architecture and Development
Marketing technology and data architecture
Setting up a Proof of Concept and developing Minimal Viable Products

Stakeholder management
Change management

Knowledge and execution
Building skills and competencies
Cross-functional execution

Together we define where your organization has a competitive advantage and which elements are interesting to develop further. We will take the outcome as a starting point for our paid Data Strategy Workshop only if you want to proceed. No strings attached.

Step 2: Set up Data Strategy

We will use the maturity scan to zoom in on your current and desired situation. Together we will define a roadmap containing what needs to be done to get your data-driven maturity to the next level. After this workshop, you will walk away with a high-level data strategy. We will cover the following topics such as these, depending on the outcome of Step 1:

  • Your organizational readiness and which steps to take to move to the next level
  • How to create an actionable roadmap with quick wins
  • Developing a backlog of use cases and defining a data-driven business case
  • How to be able to execute if you have more data-driven products and solutions

At the end of this step, you will have a high-level data strategy, an actionable roadmap, and a management presentation. Based on this, you can work with Crystalloids or any other party on your roadmap. 

This workshop consists of two sessions of 3 hours each. In the first session, we will define your business case. In the second part, we will focus on the roadmap. Crystalloids will work on the management report.

Pricing: €3,160

Why Crystalloids

Crystalloids is the first Google partner in the Netherlands specializing in Google Cloud Platform AND marketing activation on owned and paid channels. Next to our specialization, we have the code in place in building blocks to connect and integrate the data sources and applications, enabling low implementation cost and fast market time.