Marketing Analytics Workshop

Unlock value from first-party data to optimize and personalize your marketing.

About Marketing Analytics Workshop

The aim of this workshop is to help you use your own data to enable a personalized customer experience, and optimize your e-business utilizing state-of-the-art marketing analytics. On top of this, you will get an understanding of relevant Google Cloud products that provides the foundation for faster insights, enhanced data collaboration, and reduced setup time of data collection.

We will help you identify and prioritize your greatest challenges, and create a roadmap outlining where to start, laying out concrete milestones, and defining your end goals. By the end of the workshop, you will thus have articulated clear next steps for getting your organization on the path towards advanced, data-driven marketing.

What will you learn

  • Identify which data can generate real value for your business
  • Learn more about the GCP products relevant to marketing analytics
  • Learn how advanced analytics can help you personalize your customer experience
  • Understand how to align the customer experience with your own objectives

Who should attend

This workshop is targeted at people responsible for marketing in your company, and everyone else with a business interest in getting value from your own data.

Why Crystalloids

Crystalloids are the first Google partner in the Netherlands that specializes in both Google Cloud Platform AND marketing activation on owned and paid channels. Next to our specialization, we have the code in place in building blocks to connect and integrate the data sources and applications which enable low implementation cost and fast time to market.

Cloud For Marketing Workshop