Customer Data Platform Workshop

Accelerate customer activation with a Customer Data Platform

About Customer Data Platform (CDP) Workshop

CDP's have become a foundational technology in the martech stack to support the growing requirements for omnichannel customer experience.

The aim of this workshop is to help you personalize the customer journey on your owned, paid, and earned channels collecting and using first-party data. Is a CDP on Google Cloud something for you?

Let’s find out together. 

What will you learn

  • Identify how first-party data can generate real value for your business
  • Learn more about the GCP products relevant to your CDP
  • Learn how first-party data can help you personalize your customer experience
  • Learn to personalize and segment at scale
  • Learn about relevant, real-time digital experiences
  • Setting up cross-domain and cross channel performance measurement
  • Gaining a secure, privacy-safe, and well-governed unified architecture
  • Understand how to align the customer experience with your objectives

The Discovery Process of a CDP will bring added value to your marketing operations and marketing results. 

Our 3 step approach

Step 1: Our free offer

We offer you a free of charge 2-hour workshop to learn about your situation and to share successful use cases for inspiration in your specific vertical. After Step 1 you can decide if you want to proceed to step 2.

Step 2: Co-creation of your use cases

In a 2-hour workshop, we co-create a backlog of your data-driven dreams. Together with personas such as CRM, Performance Marketing, eCommerce, BI, finance, and of course, with us, we shape the backlog with user stories. Then together, we plot the dreams on two axes: short term gains and ease of development:

The use cases that fit both are being refined. Then a business case is detailed. After that, you choose which user stories will be developed in a PoC. After that, the solution architecture is designed to estimate work on your side and Crystalloids' side.

This takes 6 days of Crystalloids time at EUR 1080 per day excluding VAT. 

Step 3: Building a PoC

Results in 6 weeks. 

Why Crystalloids

Crystalloids connects IT and business with scalable and flexible solutions. As a Premier Google Cloud Partner, Crystalloids is a specialist in the field of end-to-end customer data management: from landing zones to BI and from data science to activation including measurement. By using transparent agile development, Crystalloids ensures that use cases deliver immediate value and customers have full control.

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