Why we do what we do

We want your customers to become fans

Isn’t it strange in this digital era, where we have so much customer data to our disposal, that we still see many companies not really trying to understand their customers? That consumers often have the feeling that they are not taken seriously in the customer dialog? That the offers, advices or ads they receive aren’t as tailor-made as you would expect? And that they get a different message at every other touch point?

Seeing this, it is understandable that customers easily switch supplier or go for a competitor’s offer. Before you know it, you are busier handling complaints than servicing your customers.

We challenge you

You could have it so much better! Our mission at Crystalloids is to turn your customers into fans. We challenge you to significantly improve your customer dialog. By implementing smart algorithms to predict customer behaviour. And by using these insights to always communicate the best possible offer or action to each customer. Not once or twice, but continuously. By implementing smart marketing automation solutions that optimize the dialog between you and your customer, over all your touch points and channels. In real time, and tailored to each customer’s needs and behaviour.

Only then your customers will have the feeling they are understood and valued. And that’s when they become real fans!

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