Looker Data Analytics Platform

Looker - Single integration business analytics platform

We are the leading partner for Looker in the Benelux.

Looker brings data-driven decision-making to every level of an organization. The data platform works as a single source of truth where every business team can get answers to their own questions. Looker is a modern business intelligence platform that allows business users to explore the newest data on their own so that analysts can focus on more complex issues. Looker is easy to run; users can create new metrics, edit the existing model and explore a variety of data views including charts, graphs, and maps. This is democratizing analytics in its purest way. Highly focused on marketing, sales, web, and product analytics, Looker has been disrupting the data industry and transforming the way today’s brightest data-minded businesses use their insights to win. 

Disrupting with Data

Looker recently made its debut on the 2017 Forrester BI Wave and is currently featured in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant being named as a leaderG2crowd. Looker is gaining the industry’s attention for changing the way businesses utilize their data. Specifically, Forrester gives Looker their highest score for strategy within the Enterprise Business Intelligence.

Looker is a single integrated analytics platform, with zero issues around backward compatibility with legacy solutions, designed to be a data leader in the cloud technology revolution. Designed to work with SQL-compliant databases, Looker is an ideal match for large cloud-based data warehouses like Google BigQuery, Amazon RedShift, and Snowflake, but also operates seamlessly with existing SQL databases like Oracle, Vertica, and MySQL.

Analytics for All

Looker’s secret ingredient is its SQL-based data language known as LookML. LookML simplifies complex queries, allowing the creation of reusable business logic for the entire organization.

Looker sits directly on top of your database, acting as a single source of truth. It has connectors and APIs, enabling the data to be used to create scheduled output or to be fed to data-driven applications.

Looker Data Analytics Platform

Looker Blocks

Looker provides pre-built libraries that can be used to easily accelerate the process of building new applications. Looker Blocks can be customized and reused to address everything from analytics patterns and source data extraction to embedding and external data augmentation on your data. Blocks are templated LookML for various design patterns like retention or cohort analysis and data sources like Salesforce or Adwords and many other use cases. It is a way to share best practices through content.

Simple in its design, Blocks make complex creation an easy self-service task. Now everyone, irrespective of their skill level, can create robust, visually meaningful data output.

The Looker Difference:

  • No debugging SQL
  • Sits directly on top of databases
  • No local in-memory data needed
  • Reusable & customizable libraries
  • Encourages self-service queries
  • Segments can be made actionable to target directly from the report
  • Excellent governance mechanisms & version control
  • Easy-to-share visualization
  • Effective pay-per-user model
  • Run Looker instances on your own hardware
  • Crystalloids’ Looker-related Consulting Services

We deliver a broad range of services around Looker, such as:

  • Implementation
  • Data extraction and loading
  • Governed transformation
  • Staff training and coaching
  • Data discovery and visualization
  • Insights delivery
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