InsightOS Platform

Our own designed big data analytics tool makes it possible for everyone within your company to get insights into massive amounts of data and it can be customized to your business needs. 

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InsightOS Data Management Platform
ACSI can now easily access CPC information by having bespoke InsightOS viewers
ACSI can now easily access CPC information by having bespoke InsightOS viewers
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Sandaya implemented InsightOS and opened 5 new campsites in 2017
Sandaya implemented InsightOS and opened 5 new campsites in 2017
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Suncamp Holidays improved their marketing insights by using InsightOS
Suncamp Holidays improved their marketing insights by using InsightOS
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Product Features

Data science without programming

InsightOS is designed to support marketers, CRM managers, and analysts in becoming data-driven while understanding the essential software language: 'the business language'.

Running fast & scaling seamlessly

InsightOS runs on Google cloud, which makes it possible to load and process huge amounts of data in seconds and scale automatically.

Built on Google Cloud Platform

The application is developed using Google App Engine and runs on Google Cloud Platform infrastructure.

Facet search

Our tool offers facet navigation which allows users to narrow down search results by applying multiple filters so that they can dive into the details without losing the big picture.


You do not need a dedicated team to manage InsightOS in-house. The loading of the data is done by Crystalloids on behalf of the client.

Various Viewers

Different branches have different needs and therefore we designed several viewers which can be customized to a specific business goal.

Travel, retail & more

We have created InsightOS for our travel, leisure, and retail customers to give them complete insights into their data.

Integrated Forecasting

Making an arrival, booking, or revenue forecast is easy. Machine Learning and built-in analytics help predict future behavior.

All data sources in one

Integrating any data source into the tool is possible. From CRM, purchase orders to website behavior, all systems can be connected into one.

InsightOS Platform

Watch the launch demo of InsightOS

on Google I/O 2012

InsightOS Viewers provide actionable insights for different purposes

arival view

The Arrival Viewer

Working in travel, the moment of arrival and the time of booking are two separate time units. The InsightOS Arrival Viewer allows to:

  • easily look at the date of arrival
  • link all customer, media, and sales-related data to this moment of arrival
  • via facet navigation select future or past arrival dates
  • see resulting answers in a clear graph or table format.
booking viewer

The Booking Viewer

The InsightOS Booking Viewer allows you to look at your destination, customer, sales and media channel data from a booking time perspective.

  • The reservation time - is the date a customer makes a booking.
  • The calendar element - makes it easy to select one or multiple booking dates for easy comparison with past periods. These selections can be stored for future reference.
Transaction Viewer

The Transaction Viewer

Revenue and product insights
  • Have real-time insights into your revenue and transactions
  • Save, compare and share your findings in seconds
  • Using graphs or tables to display your insights.
Customer Viewer - Free text Search

The Customer Viewer - Free text Search

A single view of the customer
  • Search for specific contacts
  • Find contacts that are related to each other because of corresponding addresses, zip codes etc.
  • Learn about the purchase history of a specific customer
Customer Viewer - Facet Search

The Customer Viewer - Facet Search

A single view of the customer
  • Search & find customers via well-known Google's search technology
  • Facet navigation allows selecting multiple customers at once
  • Find duplicate customer records in your client database
  • Data profiling functionality to summarise the number of valid emails and physical addresses in your customer databases.
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