Solution: Predict behaviour

Predict behaviour and automate actions customers love

Do you have a lot of data at hand and a thousand questions? Wether you would like to get more insights on big data, perform a sentiment analysis for social media or optimise your marketing in general: it takes experience to know where to look. This is what we, as your marketing analyst, do best.

Your expert marketing analyst

Within the vast amount of data that is already being collected from your customers, lies a golden set for a 360-degree view of your customers. All that you need is an expert marketing analyst that knows about data. At Crystalloids, we know how to mine, analyse, validate and use data to measure customer behaviour. Getting to know your customers thoroughly enables you to predict their behaviour and act on it: that is our mission.

Marketing optimalisation

It’s not just data collection. What makes our algorithms truly intelligent is that they are armed with solid marketing knowledge to transform data into business intelligence. The components in our intelligent algorithms can be fine-tuned to get valid answers to your questions, such as:

  1. What is your churn?
  2. How can you reduce it?
  3. What are the purchase patterns of particular target groups?
  4. What is the future potential of your current customer-base?

With these answers you will be able to improve and optimise marketing efforts and increase your customers’ lifetime value.

Become a truly predictive enterprise

As your marketing analyst we will apply well-known techniques such as regression analysis, cluster analysis or neural networks and highly innovative techniques such as AI and vector analysis. We will select the perfect fit for you and determine your customer’s behaviour. But have you thought of going even further beyond?  With the output we can embed this knowledge in your business processes, enabling you to truly become a predictive enterprise.

Know your customer

Whether it’s to determine the next best marketing investment or to perform a sentiment analysis for social media, data will give you factual insights. Don’t guess what’s happening, know what’s happening.

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