Solution: Master Customer Data

Transforming big data into a 360-degree customer view

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We bring together relevant data from internal and external systems, touch points and databases, to create one golden set of customer data.

The predictive enterprise operates on a foundation of solid data. Customer data can be found in so many locations, in a variety of channels. E-mail, websites, callcentres, helpdesks, instant messaging, customer services, points of sale, webshops, social media and review apps. These data streams and data sources are structured differently and are often independent and unrelated.

The right tools

Our IT specialists are insanely knowledgeable about the integration of different customer data streams and sources, in different industries. In industries like Finance, Retail and Telco. They can unlock the power of big data because they know what tools to use. We don’t really care how big your data is, how your data is structured or where your data is located. Hadoop, Spark or open source, we assess which tools are appropriate for your particular situation.


Since our data scientists are also knowledgeable about marketing, we know what data is relevant to your organisation. We have the marketing knowledge to understand your business question, the scientific mind-set to know which data you need in order to get that question answered reliably and the technical expertise to retrieve the relevant data from the digital landscape. Or as we like to say, we help your enterprise systems evolve from a marketing database to a customer-base to a fan-base.

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