Solution: Automate Marketing

Optimize your marketing and unlock customer secrets

Prediction outcomes are only valuable when they are turned into actionable insights and seamlessly embedded in your sales and marketing processes. We can help automate your next best actions.

So you know who will most likely cancel their subscription within six months and what causes churn amongst that age group. You know the buying behaviour of family men in different time zones and what is the most common purchase to supplement ink cartridges. What will you do with this valuable knowledge?

Customer interaction

That question is easily answered. You ask us where and how the outcome can be deployed to optimise customer interaction. You may want a timely alert in the call centre software or a perfectly targeted banner. Perhaps you prefer a well-matched recommendation or the ultimate product combination in a newsletter. Or maybe you will profit more from a well-timed chatbot asking the right service questions. Would you like to your DM print to be more seductive? Or do you long for a higher score in telesales?

Seamlessly integrated

We will help you decide what benefits your business most. Regardless of location or channel, we can automate the next best action to take. We can also embed actions your company’s processes by seamlessly integrating new software with your existing IT landscape. SAS, IBM, SAP or open source; we know the ins and outs and we know how to make these solutions work with your architecture.

An infinite loop

Then the magic happens. As the results of the automated actions are fed back into the organisation, the customer data is continuously being improved, enabling you to predict more precisely and offer even better subsequent actions. This creates an infinite loop in which customer interaction is optimised. Your customers can’t help themselves but become fans.

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