Visualise Data

Data storytelling is imperative to provide insights to managers who need quick access to actionable dashboards. Also, an analyst wants to to slice and dice data from a user friendly UI. This is called democratising analytics.


Visualise and explore data, your way

  • Turn your data into compelling visuals with out-of-the-box, community-built or your custom visualisations. 

Publish your visualisations

  • Once ready for distribution, drop them into your dashboards, reports or data stories and share them. 

Create a collaborative, data-driven culture

  • Activate data insights at all levels in your business to promote a pervasive and collaborative data culture. 

With BigQuery’s and Data Studio’s sharing model built on Google Drive, teams can instantly start collaborating in real time, accelerated by a gallery of pre-built report templates.  
Interactive data stories that inspire action are a breeze to create and publish by anyone.
Besides embedding dashboards and reports into internal apps or websites, developers can securely embed analytics into their customer-facing apps.

Visualise Data
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