Google Partner Specializations and Expertise

Crystalloids is recognized by Google for 8 specializations and expertises in customer success and solution areas.

Solution areas

Crystalloids is recognized by Google for their knowledge and expertise in 5 solutions areas. 

Marketing Analytics

Demonstrated success in bringing technology, engineering, analytics and people skills together to help companies optimise their marketing efforts

Build and use Artificial Intelligence

We deliver customer success by helping citizen data scientists and ML experts use AI. These engagements provide data scientists and ML engineers an end-to-end machine learning platform with tools, templates, and services to build, train, serve, and manage models on GCP and/or on-premise environments.

Data Lake Modernization

Data Lake Modernization is used to achieve customer success by using Data Lakes. It allows organizations to store, process, and analyze massive volumes of structured and unstructured data in a cost-efficient and agile way. They store data in their native formats, which are reconfigured as needed.

Data Warehouse Modernization

We use Data Warehouse Modernization for leveraging Google BigQuery. Google BigQuery is used to streamline the Data Warehouse Modernisation path with a comprehensive migration offer, easy-to-use tools, and an ecosystem that manages your complete migration. This way customers can get started with ease.

Google Cloud Analytics

For demonstrated experience with the components of BigQuery, Google Cloud Data Studio, Cloud Composer, Cloud Dataflow, Cloud Datalab, Cloud Dataprep, Cloud Dataproc, Cloud Data Fusion, Cloud Pub/Sub, Cloud Spanner, Cloud IoT Core, Data Catalog, Cloud Life Sciences, Genomics, Google Marketing Platform, Looker, Cloud Dataprep.

Industry Expertises

Crystalloids is recognized by Google for its knowledge and expertise in 3 Industry Expertises

Advertising and Marketing

We demonstrated customer success in the Marketing & Advertising industry. Helping customers to make a transition from disparate datasets to data-driven marketing. An example: We developed a Marketing Activation Cloud in Google Cloud Platform for a well-established omnichannel fashion brand in EMEA.

Retail and Wholesale

This is for partners who demonstrate customer success in the retail industry. Helping them to build dynamic retail experiences so we can win the hearts of our customers with our flexible, secured technology and integrated big data solutions. Crystalloids have several retail, wholesale and CPC clients for whom we design, develop and monitor data and analytical platforms.

Media and Entertainment

We showcased customer success in the Media & Entertainment industry. We are helping customers to produce, manage, visualize, monetize and distribute content and audiences using Google technologies.

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