Understand the customer journey

Marketing Analytics use cases

Understand the customer journey

Understanding customer behavior within the various stages of the marketing funnel, and as they progress between these stages, allows companies to direct relevant, customer-centric messaging to effectively move prospects from awareness to loyal customers in a cohesive, strategic manner. 

Capturing the customer's profile and digital footprint via the Cloud Marketing Platform, allows organizations to construct and update in real-time which phase of the customer journey a customer is in. Applying various business or statistical techniques on the data,  using the analytic stack available in Google Cloud Platform and automating in real-time,  allows for a 'Living Business' capability.

Various tools can be used to understand customers across and within each stage of the journey. Customer segmentation is a useful approach that allows companies to group customers based on traditional metrics such as value, life stage, interest, online and offline engagement patterns, and more. The aim of segmentation strategies should allow companies to focus on the strategic customers at each stage of the journey, and communicate to them in the right context.

Understand the customer journey

Customer Segmentation

There are several types of segmentation strategies that can allow for greater customer understanding. Usually, our clients start with segmentation that generates business-relevant clusters/cohorts to create strategies and goals around, as well as actively manage for activation. The next level of segmentation is to provide real-time, tailored experiences to customers on a personalised level, incorporating a multitude of user traits such as readiness, intent and interest.

You can create customer segments based on predefined attributes that can be synced into marketing platforms and used for audience creation or targeting. These segments of customers can then easily be paired with an ad.  Also to be used for your owned channels such as email. Here are a few examples of such segments:

  • stage in the journey
  • online spenders
  • loyal customers
  • discount vs full-priced shoppers
  • shoppers interested in specific product categories
  • high-value customers likely to churn
  • heavy browsers that don’t log in 
  • guest shoppers.
Customer Segmentation

Dashboarding for trendspotting and taking actions

Spot trends in consumer purchase behavior and start making informed decisions. For businesses and especially the marketing department, it is crucial to get more access to customer data, recognize trends that are likely to happen and proactively act on them. Embedded BI helps to improve data usability and decision-making. With Marketing Analytics, you can have your CMO Dashboard/ Executive Dashboard/ Performance Dashboard for insight aggregation type of projects focused on improving decision-making by increasing access to data.

We can assist you in KPI setting, data visualization with tools from Google such as Data Studio, Looker, and other vendors such as Tableau. See how we assisted Body&Fit in their journey of transformation with smart data analytics and integrations. 

Dashboarding for trendspotting and taking actions

Self-service analytics/ Democratising data

The technology and governance options are available to every organization from start-ups to enterprises thanks to the rise of serverless native cloud computing. The ‘pay as you go’, flat-fee options that Google Cloud is offering, and the pay-per-user fee of data platforms such as Looker make data democratization more accessible and affordable. 

To become data-driven, it is imperative to distribute information across all working teams to gain a competitive advantage. The more people with diverse expertise and the ability to access the data quickly and easily, the more they can identify and take action on critical business insights. Besides, most companies are thriving to be customer-centric since the consumer is curious, demanding, and impatient. It's time to make your data work for you!

Another driver is privacy and security compliance that is assured by most data visualization vendors such as Looker, Google, and the way Crystalloids engineers the technology. Crystalloids implement Customer Data Platform functionalities on Google Cloud to deliver you the insights and integrations you need to support both analytics and real-time transactions. Looker can be put virtually on top of Google Big Query as an interface for dashboarding and sharing actions.

Self service analytics/ Democratising data

Integrated data from all your applications

We can help you integrate your (customer) data management platform or build bespoke CDP/DMP functionality using our proprietary ContactAPI in Google Cloud DataStore.

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