The types of Customer Data Platforms

To deliver personalisation across multiple channels, organisations need to address the technology in every part of the data framework. Often, it is not possible to achieve all steps with one (packaged) CDP. Instead a combination of these technologies is needed to achieve the desired result.

Headless Customer Data Platform

Data CDP

Collects data from various sources and provide a complete view of the customer that every team in your company can benefit from. Data CDPs can be a combination of a data lake and a data warehouse. To be able to visualise and analyse data, the CDP is connected to the analytical and engagement software of your choice. Packaged CDPs usually come with their own visualisation tool, while headless CDPs loosely connect to the applications of your choice.

Analytical CDP

Lets you view and analyse your data with extended functionalities and custom metrics. Analytical CDPs are integrated decisioning platforms that (might) use AI and machine learning to score various propensities for each customer. Based on these models, marketers can predict customer lifetime values or build logics around the type of communication customers should receive, via which channel and for which price..

Engagement CDP

Connects data and marketing to create effective and consistent campaigns across multiple channels. Some functionalities of engagement CDPs include marketing automation, on-page optimisation, personalised Ads or one-to-one marketing.
These CDPs might have some analytical and data capabilities but usually not as extensive as data CDP or analytical CDPs.

Our headless data CDP 

We specialise in building headless data CDPs. We collect and unify data and connect loosely with any other systems through APIs. Our data CDP can integrate all the different data sources like Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud, Selligent, Point of Sale Cowhills, Exact, Google Marketing Platform products, Tableau and any other sources you might think of. The possibilities are endless and this is what makes our solution unique.

Decision Engine

We also build the decisioning engines, establish metrics and dimensions to analyse data and deliver to a visualisation tool of your choice. 

Offer Engine

We can also distribute the data to your own and paid channels so that you can personalise at scale. This is what we call Cloud for Marketing. 

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Headless (Data) Customer Data Platform

How does it work?

The way we build our customer data platform is by loosely coupling your applications. For that we created Contact API. It allows for data integration in the backend from various sources that are not naturally designed to talk to each other. 

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