Consulting Services

Consulting Services

You want to grasp the opportunity data & AI provides to create business value. You want to create a data-led and/or AI-enabled business and serve your customer better through faster, more precise, and more relevant operational processes.

Data strategy

You need a guiding vision with a clear roadmap, data strategy, and the right capabilities to execute and move from promises to concrete value creation. 

A well-executed data strategy will give clarity, discipline, governance, and rationale for gathering data, keeping, and using it.

At the most basic level, your data strategy should aim to achieve two objectives: boosting top-line revenues through improved customer acquisition and loyalty, and also providing bottom-line value through operational efficiency and insights. 

We can help you innovate, grow, and become an efficient and customer-centric organization from both IT and data angles. We set up your unified approach focused on increasing customer value, increasing operational efficiency, and increasing business impact. 


Help bring about data-driven changes

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CDP Assessment

We have proven success in assessing and auditing your GCP (cloud) architecture and technology stack, your required skills, journey orchestration, alignment of data scientists and Machine Learning Operations, and finally, the activation of your CDP.

By mapping your needs and the systems for supporting the various steps in the customer journey, the “gaps” become visible, and a wish list can be made. 

Our approach to your CDP assessment is guided by Gartner's Buy-Own-Advocate framework for the customer journey. We start with an audit of the current implementation and evaluate the business needs for supporting digital marketing and activation. 

We audit the systems and custom components that play a role in the different steps of the customer journey. We converse with those responsible for the supporting systems, the developers of the custom components, data scientists, and stakeholders of the different steps of the customer journey. 

You can view the CDP assessment we did in this customer case

Break Down Silos & Incomplete Views

Automate Analytics Workflows

Power Marketing With Analytics

Activate Data Across The Enterprise

Break Down Silos & Incomplete Views

  • Management Consulting
    ● Summary of relevant datasets, tech in use, stakeholders, and migration recommendations
    ● Workshop to create alignment
    ● Data governance guide
  • Systems Integration
    ● Documented schema
    ● Connectors
  • Analytics as a Service
    ● Match Table, joins
    ● Cleansed data set
    ● Query Cookbook
    ● Transformation cookbook

Automate Analytics Workflows

  • Management Consulting
    Requirements gathering across teams, KPI alignment
    ● Stakeholder needs map
    ● Technical requirements by team
    ● Standard KPIs
  • Systems Integration
    ● Define attribution and measurement framework
    ● Migration plan off of existing attribution partner (if applicable)
    ● Attribution model
    ● Query Cookbook
  • Analytics as a Service
    Build out dashboards for relevant stakeholders based on requirements

Power Marketing with analytics

  • Management Consulting
    Identify opportunities for ML project, define use cases
    ● ML readiness assessment
    ● Business Requirements for ML projects
  • Analytics as a Service
    Create standard churn, prediction, and propensity models
    ● Model for churn analysis
    ● Model for demand prediction
    ● Model for propensity scoring

Activate Data Across the enterprise

  • Management Consulting 
     Assess current customer touch-points, identify areas for personalisation
    ● Comms / Project plan for activation
    ● Workshop with relevant stakeholders
  • Systems Integration
    Build execution pipelines into media platforms
    ● Pipeline into media (e.g. Google Ads, Google Marketing Platform APIs)
    ● Pipeline into Analytics 360 (e.g. custom dimensions)

Marketing Analytics

Understand the customer journey, predict customer behavior to optimize marketing outcomes, or personalize the customer experience. 

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