Collect Data

Consolidating your data into one central location is the first step to address data-driven use cases. No matter where your data is being stored or what your current technology stack looks like, we collect the data in the way that fits your situation. 

customer data platform

One of the biggest challenges companies are facing is setting up and maintaining processes that reliably collect and process data so you can extract value from it any time you want. 

You can collect data related to:

  • Owned channels, applications, and systems
  • Offline data e.g. CRM, ERP, Point of Sales, PIM, DAM, IoT
  • Online data: websites, apps, tag management
  • Earned media e.g. Facebook, YouTube, Amazon, LinkedIn, Twitter
  • Paid media e.g. Advertising Platforms, Google Ads
  • Third-party data e.g. weather, GIS location, media spend, market share

For collecting data we use Google Cloud components such as Cloud Pub/Sub (global message queue), Datastream, Google Cloud Dataflow (Apache Beam), Data Transfer Service (directly land data into BigQuery from SFDC and 100+ business apps), Ads Connector (Google Tentacles) and more.

Once data is collected, it is displayed in a unified database or platform also called Data Hub, Datawarehouse, or Data lake, Data Lakehouse, Data Vault, Data Mesh depending on the architecture. We apply monitoring on the data and the processes to ensure quality that is essential when automating many data sources. You can read more about this on our Maintenance page.

Collect Data
Marketing Analytics
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Collect Data
Customer Data Platform
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Collect Data
ContactServices API
Data integration from various sources that are not naturally designed to talk to each other.