Collect Data

Consolidating your data into one central location is the first step to address data- driven use cases. No matter where your data is being stored or what your current technology stack looks like, we collect the data in the way that fits your needs. 

Collect Data

You can collect data related to:

  • Owned channels, applications and systems
    • Offline data e.g. CRM, ERP, Point of Sales, PIM, DAM, IoT
    • Online data: websites, apps, tag management
  • Earned media e.g. Facebook, YouTube, Amazon, LinkedIn, Twitter
  • Paid media e.g. Advertising Platforms, Google Ads

Collecting data can be done from scheduled collection of CSV files via Google Cloud Storage, Google Cloud Composer (Apache Airflow) to real time streaming injects of events of Cloud API services via Google Cloud Pub/Sub and Google Cloud Dataflow (Apache Beam).

Once data is collected, it is displayed in a unified platform also called data hub, datawarehouse or datalake depending on the architecture. We can apply monitoring on the data and processes. 

We have integrations ready with systems that are not naturally designed to communicate with each other including:

  • Webshop solutions such as SalesForce Commerce Cloud, Magento
  • Point-of-sale solutions like Cowhills
  • E-mail solutions such as Selligent and Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • CRM and customer service with SalesForce Service Cloud, SAP, RobinHQ
  • Payment systems such as Adyen
  • And many more...
Collect Data
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Collect Data
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Collect Data
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