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Consolidating your data in one central location is the first step to getting better insights. No matter where your data is stored and how many marketing channels and data sources you have, we can help you collect any possible information with the Google Cloud. 

Google BigQuery allows organisations to capture and analyse data in real time using its powerful streaming ingestion capability so that your insights are always current. It offers storage capabilities and a querying engine and can ingest data from various sources. You can gather data related to:

  • Google ads: BigQuery Data Transfer Service can ingest data smoothly and automatically from sources such as Google Marketing Platform, Google Ads, or YouTube.
  • Analytics 360: Explore the options for data freshness, ranging from refreshing every 10 minutes to daily, to find the option that best matches your needs. Analytics 360 offers direct connectivity to BigQuery.
  • First-party data: You can ingest data from sources such as CRM or point of sale (POS). In most cases, you do this data ingestion offline by using the bq command-line tool, API, or web UI. You can load data locally or from Cloud Storage. Cloud Storage is the recommended approach for big datasets or when you are considering building a data lake.
How we can collect the information:

  • Real-time - Streaming Data. Events from your website or cash transactions can be collected and analysed directly, real-time.
  • In batches - In some instances it is better to collect data in batches, for example in case of travel reservations, these are being processed the following day in batches.

Collect DataCollect Data

We have integrations ready with various systems including:

  • webshop solutions such as Demandware
  • Point-of-sale solutions like Cowhills
  • e-mail solutions such as Selligent
  • CRM and customer service with SalesForce, SAP
  • and many more...

We integrate our applications with Google Ads and Google Analytics.

Collect Data
Marketing Analytics
Unlock value from your first-party data to improve marketing ROI
Collect Data
Customer Data Platform
The data foundation for delivering personalised customer experiences
Collect Data
ContactServices API
Data integration from various sources that are not naturally designed to talk to each other.