Understand The Customer Journey

Understand The Customer Journey

Cloud for Marketing Use Cases

Customer segmentation 

Create customer segments based on predefined attributes that can be synced into marketing platforms. Also referred to as DMP (data management platform) capabilities, 1st party data, audience creation or targeting. These lists of customers can then easily be paired with an ad. Here are a few examples of such segments:

  • online spenders
  • loyal customers
  • discount shoppers
  • customers likely to churn
  • heavy browsers that don’t log in

Crystalloids will help you integrate your (customer) data management platform or build bespoke CDP/DMP functionality using our proprietary ContactAPI in Google DataStore.

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Understand The Customer Journey Cloud for Marketing
Understand The Customer Journey Cloud for Marketing


Spot trends in consumers purchase behaviour and start making informed decisions. For businesses and especially the marketing department, it is crucial to get more access to customer data, recognise trends that are likely to happen and proactively act on them.

With Cloud for Marketing, you can have your CMO Dashboard/ Executive Dashboard/ Performance Dashboard for insight aggregation type of projects focused on improving decision-making by increasing access to data.

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Self Service Analytics

Customer portal, merchant portal or data exchange

Do you want to minimise time spent on transactional reporting with partners and stakeholders, and enable them to get the insights they need when they need it? 

Self-service analytics are dashboards for marketers to share internally and externally instead of sharing PDFs or presentations. This is a catch-all for insight aggregation type projects directed at simply improving decision-making by sharing data.

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Understand The Customer Journey Cloud for Marketing
Cloud For Marketing Workshop

Cloud for Marketing Workshop


The aim of this workshop is to help you use your own data to enable a personalised customer experience, and optimise your e-business utilising state-of-the-art marketing analytics. On top of this, you will get an understanding of relevant Google Cloud products that provides the foundation for faster insights, enhanced data collaboration, and reduced setup time of data collection.

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