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Predict Marketing Outcomes

Cloud for Marketing Use Cases

Customer lifetime value prediction

Treating all customers the same might result in a waste of time and energy. Instead, you can focus on identifying the value your customers bring to your business and engage them accordingly.

Predicting customer lifetime value will help you determine the behaviours and characteristics of your most valuable customers and understand how they interact with your brand.

By joining data and applying machine learning you can discover what value each customer brings to the business and run marketing campaigns to increase revenue.

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Predict Marketing Outcomes Cloud for Marketing
Predict Marketing Outcomes Cloud for Marketing

Purchase Prediction

Lead-scoring, propensity modelling, conversion prediction

Never miss out on opportunities to reach customers at the moment of consideration and move faster from insights to actions. Make predictions about purchase propensity for different groups of customers that can be synced into marketing platforms. 

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Predict Marketing Outcomes Cloud for Marketing

Cloud for Marketing Workshop


The aim of this workshop is to help you use your own data to enable a personalised customer experience, and optimise your e-business utilising state-of-the-art marketing analytics. On top of this, you will get an understanding of relevant Google Cloud products that provides the foundation for faster insights, enhanced data collaboration, and reduced setup time of data collection.

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