Cloud for Marketing

Unlock value from your first-party data to improve marketing ROI

What is Cloud for Marketing?

Cloud for Marketing is a mix of technology, engineering, analytics and people skills that helps companies optimise their marketing efforts by making better use of their first-party (own) data.

It leverages services from Google Marketing Platform (GMP) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to improve digital marketing ROI on owned and paid channels.

Cloud For Marketing

Cloud for Marketing gathers web traffic data using Google Analytics, campaign performance data from the GMP advertising services and other information. All of this is relevant for activation (marketing execution) and optimisation of paid media campaigns such as returned goods, margins on products, weather forecasts and trends.

Almost every company is using the Google Marketing Platform services such as Display & Video 360, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Campaign Manager. Using the power of both Google Cloud Platform and Google Marketing Platform, you can benefit from providing better experiences to your customers and improving marketing ROI significantly.

Crystalloids is one of the few certified by Google partners in The Netherlands that specialises in both Google Cloud Platform AND marketing activation on owned and paid channels.

How does it work
Specialized Partner in Marketing Analytics 

Certified Partner in Marketing Analytics 

Google Cloud recognizes our technical proficiency and proven success in Marketing Analytics.

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Why do you need it?

People interact with your business from multiple touchpoints (website, ads, email marketing, social media, loyalty cards, etc.). This contributes to a massive amount of customer data that is being collected. 

When all this data is scattered across your analytics, CRM system and among other sources, it creates silos and incomplete views for the business. It also remains challenging to find a complete overview of each customer.

As the need for businesses to provide better and more personalised experiences increases, the combination of cloud and marketing is becoming stronger and more important for organisations.

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  1. Activate one campaign across all marketing channels
  2. Personalization throughout the marketing funnel from awareness phase to the advocacy phase
  3. Optimize Net Present Value: find the balance between ROI, ROAS, CAC and CLTV
  4. Integrated data without engineering
  5. Apply any kind of modelling from the Google AI platform or any other analytical product
  6. Automated maintenance of models
  7. Future proof on speed, flexibility and security
  8. Use less separate tools for your marketing activities

Cloud for Marketing Use Cases

Cloud for Marketing Use Cases

Understand The Customer Journey

Self Service Analytics
Customer Segmentation
Cloud for Marketing Use Cases

Predict The Marketing Outcomes

Lifetime Value Prediction
Purchase Prediction

Common Challenges

  1. Where to start with Google Cloud when I am already using Google Marketing Platform?
  2. How to combine Cloud For Marketing with other solutions of my IT department?
  3. How should I manage my customer data (PII)?
  4. Can I integrate Cloud with the existing technology?
  5. How do I control the Cloud expenses for my department?

Do any of these resonate with you? Is there any other challenge your business is facing that you want to bring up? We can help you answer these questions. 

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Cloud for Marketing

Crystalloids' Cloud for Marketing Services

Crystalloids is the leading partner in the Netherlands that specialises in both Google Cloud Platform AND marketing activation on owned and paid channels. Next to our specialisation, we have the code in place in building blocks to connect and integrate the data sources and applications which enable low implementation cost and fast time to market.
Break Down Silos & Incomplete Views
  • Management Consulting
    ● Summary of relevant datasets, tech in use, stakeholders and migration recommendations
    ● Workshop to create alignment
    ● Data governance guide
  • Systems Integration
    ● Documented schema
    ● Connectors
  • Analytics as a Service
    ● Match Table, joins
    ● Cleansed data set
    ● Query Cookbook
    ● Transformation cookbook


Automate Analytics Workflows
  • Management Consulting
    Requirements gathering across
    teams, KPI alignment
    ● Stakeholder needs map
    ● Technical requirements by
    ● Standard KPIs
  • Systems Integration
    Define attribution and measurement framework
    ● Migration plan off of existing
    attribution partner (if applicable)
    ● Attribution model
    ● Query Cookbook
  • Analytics as a Service
    Build out dashboards for relevant
    stakeholders based on requirements
Power Marketing with analytics
  • Management Consulting
    Identify opportunities for ML project, define use case
    ● ML readiness assessment
    ● Business Requirements for ML
  • Analytics as a Service
    Create standard churn, prediction, and propensity models
    ● Model for churn analysis
    ● Model for demand prediction
    ● Model for propensity scoring
Activate Data Across the enterprise
  • Management Consulting or
    Assess current customer
    touch-points, identify areas for
    ● Comms / Project plan
    for activation
    ● Workshop with
    relevant stakeholders
  • Systems Integration
    Build execution pipelines into media platforms
    ● Pipeline into media (e.g. Google Ads, Google Marketing
    Platform APIs)
    ● Pipeline into Analytics 360 (e.g. custom dimensions)
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Why Google Cloud For Marketing?

  • It works with the marketing tools you use and you can bring data in from any software system.
  • Support at every stage of your data journey:
    • collect your data with ease
    • transform it with powerful clean-up tools
    • analyse in seconds without server setup
    • visualise it with beautiful dashboards
    • personalise to drive better campaign results
  • Access to the same machine learning technology that powers products like Search, Maps and more.
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