Analyze and Predict

We significantly simplify data analytics. You can unlock the potential hidden in your data with a cloud-native, serverless approach that decouples storage from compute and lets you analyze gigabytes to petabytes of data in minutes.

Integrated customer data platform

This allows you to remove the traditional constraints of scale, performance, and cost to ask any question of data and solve business problems. As a result, it becomes easier to operationalize insights across the enterprise with a single, trusted data fabric.

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For example:

  1. Aggregate revenue per day in real-time to see how your business is doing
  2. Understand through which affiliates those new customers landed on your website
  3. Discover what articles will be low on stock soon
  4. What effect will showing certain content/articles to a specific customer have on the expected revenue

ai ready data platform

AI out of the box

We assist you in developing AI out of the box such as Recommendations AI, Vision AI.

data analytics platform

Building blocks

Many model types are supported, including deep neural networks, time series analysis, K-means clustering, and linear and logistic regression. Read here how it works and here how we used Big Query ML for predicting conversion intent.

For custom AI we use Vertex AI components and Notebooks.

For analytical use cases we are skilled working with:

  • Google Cloud Dataprep
  • Google’s AI Platform, Vertex AI, Jupyter Notebook
  • Crystalloids proprietary InsightOS with a graphical interface for analyzing, selecting, and visualizing
  • Looker data platform
  • Many other non-Google products for visualizing, reporting such as Tableau, PowerBI

BigQuery Omni allows executing queries securely on other public clouds with one interface. Anthos hybrid and the multi-cloud platform allow to build, deploy, and manage the BigQuery query engine on multiple clouds.

The kind of tooling and way of developing to choose depends on the required time constraints, available budget, technical requirements, and the skills present.

Analyse Data
Marketing Analytics
Unlock value from your first-party data to improve marketing ROI
Analyse Data
Customer Data Platform
The data foundation for delivering personalised customer experiences
Analyse Data
ContactServices API
Data integration from various sources that are not naturally designed to talk to each other