Top articles about machine learning and AI from July

by Veronika Schipper, on Aug 7, 2018 2:27:13 PM

Top articles about machine learning and AI

Last month brought a couple of interesting articles into our attention. If you are curious about the latest happenings in the area of machine learning and artificial intelligence, scroll down. And enjoy the reading!

Artificial intelligence can predict your personality by scanning your eyes

A joint project between the University of South Australia and the University of Stuttgart had an artificial intelligence track and monitor the eye ...

Do You Know The Difference Between Data Analytics And AI Machine Learning?

The artificial intelligence (AI) industry has been leading the headlines consistently, and for good reason. It has already transformed industries across ...

Machine learning will be the engine of global growth

My research with my colleague at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Andrew McAfee, shows that recent advances in machine learning, a form of ...

The Real Future Of Artificial Intelligence And Cancer

Cancer is a complex and uncontrollable beast that mutates and changes the goalposts before you get into the politics and economics surrounding the ...

Five of the scariest predictions about artificial intelligence

When people think of artificial intelligence (AI), scenes of android killers and computers-gone-rogue often come to mind. Hollywood films like "Blade ...

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