Tip: The Google Cloud Platform Podcast 

by Robin Laurens, on Apr 9, 2018 12:13:50 PM

For all the Google Cloud Platform users and lovers out there, we have some great listening advice for you: the Google Cloud Platform Podcast.

What's it about?
A podcast entirely dedicated to the Google Cloud Platform! The podcast consists, at the moment of writing, of 121 episodes and every week a new one is added. The topics vary greatly and range from Machine Learning to Kubernetes to the Internet of Things and with every episode and topic, experts are invited to discuss the subjects.

Who's in it?
The show is hosted by Mark Mandel, Developer Advocate for the Google Cloud Platform, and Melanie Warrick, Developer Relations Engineer for AI and the Cloud at Google. In the somewhat older episodes, you hear Frances Campoy Flores, the original co-host of the podcast and Developer Advocate for Go and the Cloud at Google.

In every episode, there are special guests present as well. For example in the episode about Cloud AI, Dr Fei-Fei Li was invited to talk about how Google enables businesses to solve critical problems through AI solutions.

For whom is it made?
As we mentioned in the introduction, you have to be quite a Google Cloud Platform geek to love this podcast. It's interesting for everyone that's working with the platform and has some technical knowledge about developing software and hardware, etc.

Listen to the Podcast here:

Listen to GCP Podcast

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