The five best Machine Learning & AI articles of last month

by Robin Laurens, on Feb 5, 2018 10:39:45 AM

The theme of this month's  best machine learning and Artificial Intelligence articles is how these technologies influence the working place. Will AI take over our jobs? Which jobs are safe and which ones aren't? And why are we all so negative about this trend? What are the opportunities that the rise of AI will give us? These five articles predict the future and encourage business to start working on a future proof strategy.

Workplace 2025: Take a Glimpse into the future workplace - Fujitsu

This whitepaper from Fijutsu focusses on the workplace in 2025. Fijutsu makes the bold statement that there will be a revolution taking place in the workforce, with millenials entering boards and on decision making functions, and AI being part of everyday life. The whitepaper focusses on five main areas: social change, technological change, environmental change, business & industry change and demographic change in the workforce. 

What Changes When AI is So Accessible Anyone Can Use It - Harvard Business Review

This article gives a solution to the shortage of AI talent; the democratization of AI. The vice-president of advanced technologies at AT&T is building a user-friendly platform with point-and-click tools that will enable employees to build their own AI applications. This platform will contain widgets that can be assembled together by anyone, to create working applications. The article also explains how cloud service companies like Google have been working on this democratization of AI for a while now. 

The Question with AI isn't whether We'll lose our jobs - It's how much we will get paid - Harvard Business Review

Another HBR article, which starts with the quote: "The basic fact is that technology eliminates jobs, not work". According to the Harvard Business Review, the fear of people about losing their job because of automations has been a kind of fear that appears with every new technology throughout the history. For example in 1930, when we shifted away from agriculture. The article explains how the shift of AI will create new jobs, which can be quite interesting.  In the end it will all be about education. People will need to be up-skilled and re-skilled, with businesses taking an active role in this education process.

The rise of AI and remote assistants - Financial Times

More and more business leaders, entrepeuners and corporate managers are making use of remote assistants nowadays, in order to eliminate the tasks that take much time, like booking travel and scheduling meetings. Some of them use real person assistants in a far away office, others use an AI-based assistant, or a hybrid version of the two options. These assistants are used to eliminate the tasks everyone, even business leaders, have to do, but that are unrelated to the experise of these people, so they can spend more time on the serious problems. This article elaborates on the consequences of these remote assistants for a business and its privacy. 

Emerging Technologies' impact on society and work in 2030 - Institute of the Future & Dell

Strategic research and educational organization Institute for the Future did an extended investigation on the way technologies will change our future. According to them, many organizations and people will navigate unchartered waters over the next decade, unsure of what lies ahead. How can we prepare? This research paper will try to give answers to this often asked question. 

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