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Fairplay Online, part of the Janshen-Hahnraths Group from Kerkrade, was placed on the short list for the eGaming Review (EGR) Operator Marketing & Innovation Awards, which will be presented in London.

Fairplay Online is a new player in the field of Casual Gaming and Social Casino Gaming and – alongside five familiar names in the industry – was nominated for the ‘Innovation in Social Casino’ award.

Why Fairplay Online?

It’s still in the early days for the start-up from Kerkrade, but the innovative approach to the industry is already getting a lot of attention. Fairplay Online is breaking down the barriers between online casual games, social casino gaming and (eventually) real casino games, offering a variety of games in a customer-focussed and easily accessible way. Fairplay Online is powered by an intelligent platform that helps players find their favourite games based on customer preference predictions.

The website promises variety, great usability and excitement for players 18 years and older. The range of games, the site’s design, and social features such as chat and challenge-a-friend are completely target-group focussed. The site will evolve over time into a unique and personal experience for everyone, confirming Fairplay Online’s slogan: ‘games you love’.

Crystalloids was part of the implementation of this platform. A completely new Gaming platform was set up from scratch, including a Marketing Datamart and CRM campaign implementation.

Unfortunately Fairplay Online didn’t win, but we are very proud that they were nominated for this award.

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