14 announcements from Google Cloud Next 2018

by Veronika Schipper, on Jul 30, 2018 2:36:00 PM

Google Cloud Next 2018

Google Cloud Next took place last week in San Francisco. During this 3-day partner summit, Google met developers, partners and some of their prominent customers from all around the world to talk about their success stories and innovation. With more than 300 speakers, it was the place to be to learn everything about Google Cloud and their services. Here are some of the highlights that we learned about during Google Cloud Next 2018:

G Suite

1. Investigation Tool is a G Suite security centre tool that lets admin investigate which users might have been infected and prevent them from accessing a shared drive or remove malicious emails, all from one single place. 

2. Data regions for G Suite allows to dynamically store the primary data of the major apps in Europe or the US, so, for example, if the ownership of the files changes or the owner of the data moves, the data will move seamlessly.

3. Smart compose is coming to G Suite and can intelligently suggest the content of an email including greeting and ending based on the context of the correspondence.

4. Grammar Suggestions using machine learning technology it helps correct grammar in Google Docs.

Google Cloud Next 2018

AI and machine learning

5. Cloud AutoML Vision - enables companies with limited knowledge of ML to classify their images according to their own defined labels and generate predictions.

6. Cloud AutoML Natural Language - uses ML model to analyse the content of text into a custom set of categories.

7. Cloud AutoML Translation - allows you to design high-quality translation models that can recognise the figures of speech of your application without any knowledge of coding.

8. Contact Center AI - provides more personalised customer centre experience by training an AI model to connect and talk to customers.

Data Analytics

9. BigQuery ML - allowing for more data optimisation users can build machine learning models directly in BigQuery using standard SQL queries.  

10. BigQuery Clustering - users can create clustered tables in BigQuery to improve query performance and efficiency.

11. Google sheets Data connector in BigQuery helps access directly and refresh data in BigQuery from Google Sheets.

Google Cloud Next 2018


12. Istio is a new cloud service that extends Kubernetes into a higher level. It enables you to monitor and discover services across multiple locations from a single place, and it is available now.     

13. Google Kubernetes Engine On-Prem (GKE On-Prem) gives the same Kubernetes Engine experience but within your own data centre. With this service, Google aims at companies that want to prepare and move their applications to the cloud at their own pace. 

14. Cloud Services Platform is a fully managed hybrid service platform where you can manage both Kubernetes and Istio. It will launch in autumn this year.

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